We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Twitter Party

On Thursday UKMumsTV and a host of bloggers hosted a very special party on Twitter to celebrate the launch of the DVD version of ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.  The party was actually taking place simultaneously with parties that were also taking place in bloggers homes, with special guests treated to party treats, games and goodie bags. I hosted a special tea party of my own for Joe and my niece Renee, with Uncle Ben and Auntie Nat also making their way from Stoke to take part. It was a lovely evening, and the centrepiece was the showing of the fabulous #Bearhunt movie, which includes characters voiced by TV favourites Olivia Coleman, Pam Ferris and Mark Williams, as well as a very special guest appearance by Michael Rosen himself.

Our party experience was wonderful, we had party snacks on the table, but, to be honest, the children were far more interested in the activities that had been organised with the party kit we had been sent. We started with some simple colouring in as we had extra sheets, and also made some bear ears, although, as the pictures show, there was some slight confusion as to how to actually wear them.

Definitely the most enjoyable part of the party was making bear biscuits using Digestives, Chocolate buttons and flavoured icing. Lots of the buttons never made it onto the biscuits, but it was a lot of fun and the kids were really proud of their finished creations.

Sharing their prize for best biscuits

A great iconic party game is ‘Pin the Tail on the donkey’. We played a variation on this, pin the tail on the bear, using a scarf and some furry pom poms. This was great fun, although the end results were not entirely successful…

We finished with some Plasticine fun, the idea was to create a bear, or maybe one of the other characters from the film, but the kids just had fun creating party and picnic food that would be perfect to take on a bear hunt.

We had a really lovely time and would definitely recommend the film to anyone as it is so lovely and family friendly, a really charming story with great heart.

You can download the film here.



‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ Twitter party coming soon

To celebrate the launch of the DVD version of the Michael Rosen classic story, lots of bloggers will be holding ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ parties this Thursday, and you can join in too.

Joe is very excited about the Bear Hunt Party

We’re going on a bear hunt film review

The classic story is now a beautiful family film that was one of the big hits on television this Christmas, bringing all the magic and wonder of Michael Rosen’s story to life. The story itself is a very simple one, a family, and their dog, go on a bear hunt – and they’re not scared. They face lots of rough terrains along the way, from rivers and mud, forests and a snowstorm. They have to go through all of this in order to find the bear, but they face it all as an adventure. However, when they reach the dark cave, and finally meet a bear, it seems they are scared after all. We are left with a bear all alone, with children everywhere wondering if maybe the bear was in need of a friend too.

Bear Hunt Goodies

It is a really wonderful film, with lots of repetition that young children love to join in with, and beautifully drawn illustrations that will delight those who love the book too. The voices are instantly recognisable, with Olivia Coleman and Pam Ferris amongst those bringing the characters to life, whilst the music is fabulous, a new song by George Ezra, one of the brightest new stars to emerge in 2016.

You can buy your copy of the film here, or can download the film here.

We’re going on a bear hunt Twitter party

You may have noticed the badge in the sidebar that says I am going to be hosting a #Bearhunt party on Thursday 16th February between 4-6pm. To help with the party celebrations, I have been sent a party box that contains a great selection of games and goodies that will help the party go with a swing.

The box includes quizzes, games like pin the tail on the bear, biscuits to create bear faces, cut out bear ears and many other things.

You can get involved with the party on Twitter on Thursday, there will be lots of competitions with spot prizes and you can follow at the fun, by following @UKMumstv and looking for the hashtag #bearhunt.

The party promises to be a lot of fun, so make sure you put Thursday 16th – 4pm until 6pm in your diary.

Join Joe this Thursday 4-6pm on Twitter.






‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ is a joy at Birmingham Town Hall

If you are looking for some fun, family entertainment for the remainder of the Christmas break, or to take you into January with a bang, then look no further than the festive family fare that is currently delighting younger audiences at Birmingham Town Hall. To put it quite simply ‘we’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day, we’re not scared…’Although actually, maybe we are, just a little.

630x44.fitwithoffsetWe’re going on a bear hunt is a children’s classic that celebrated 25 years since publishing in 2014. Written by Michael Rosen and with famous watercolour illustrations by Helen Oxenbury, the story of a family taking a trip through fields, water and snow to try to find an elusive bear has been delighting children of all ages for years, and now it is a delightful play that is perfect for younger audiences, particularly those who may not have seen a show live before.


The actors create the roles beautifully, instantly recognisable to those who love the classic illustrations from the original book.  There are lively, fun songs that the audience are encouraged to join in with, along with scenes that are interactive, like when the splashing through the river sees the audience getting a splashing too (much to the delight of my niece who laughed long and loud when the water pistol was trained on Uncle Peter…). There are plenty of laughs throughout, especially from the muddy interlude, and then, of course, there’s the hero of the piece, the bear. He is cute and huge and literally every child in the Hall was totally enchanted – which is just the way it should be.

‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ lasts around 50 minutes in total, with no intervals, which makes it perfect for younger audiences. We took a 7 year old and a 2 year old and they both loved it.

We’re going on a bear hunt is at Birmingham Town Hall until Wednesday 13 January 2016

Click here for ticket information.