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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Twitter Party

On Thursday UKMumsTV and a host of bloggers hosted a very special party on Twitter to celebrate the launch of the DVD version of ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.  The party was actually taking place simultaneously with parties that were also taking place in bloggers homes, with special guests treated to party treats, games and goodie bags. I hosted a special tea party of my own for Joe and my niece Renee, with Uncle Ben and Auntie Nat also making their way from Stoke to take part. It was a lovely evening, and the centrepiece was the showing of the fabulous #Bearhunt movie, which includes characters voiced by TV favourites Olivia Coleman, Pam Ferris and Mark Williams, as well as a very special guest appearance by Michael Rosen himself.

Our party experience was wonderful, we had party snacks on the table, but, to be honest, the children were far more interested in the activities that had been organised with the party kit we had been sent. We started with some simple colouring in as we had extra sheets, and also made some bear ears, although, as the pictures show, there was some slight confusion as to how to actually wear them.

Definitely the most enjoyable part of the party was making bear biscuits using Digestives, Chocolate buttons and flavoured icing. Lots of the buttons never made it onto the biscuits, but it was a lot of fun and the kids were really proud of their finished creations.

Sharing their prize for best biscuits

A great iconic party game is ‘Pin the Tail on the donkey’. We played a variation on this, pin the tail on the bear, using a scarf and some furry pom poms. This was great fun, although the end results were not entirely successful…

We finished with some Plasticine fun, the idea was to create a bear, or maybe one of the other characters from the film, but the kids just had fun creating party and picnic food that would be perfect to take on a bear hunt.

We had a really lovely time and would definitely recommend the film to anyone as it is so lovely and family friendly, a really charming story with great heart.

You can download the film here.



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