What will I do If I win a bingo jackpot?

Winning a lottery, getting something for free, is what every human being craves for. If that dream comes true, what people do with their winning prize is completely up to their personality and choices. But winning the lottery only happens to a minute number of people.  Another way to win a little something is by playing a game of bingo on an online bingo site called GameVillage Bingo. I have been playing on this village themed site for a little while now. The site is bright, colourful and always keep the players engaged. It also has bigger and better jackpot prizes available each day.

Travel Plans

If I was to win a massive jackpot I would take my little boy Joe to Disneyland. It was my dream to visit as a child,  but it never came true. Since then, I’ve been to Disneyland Paris, which I totally loved, so now I am making plans to make sure Joe gets to meet Mickey and Minnie in the next few years. If I was to win a huge cash prize, I would love to go back to Dubai, as it is one of the best country to do lots of shopping. I stayed at the Jumeirah beach hotel in 2001, and would love to go back to this amazing place.


Spending time in Dubai in 2001


At Wafi City in Dubai.

Would love to take Joe to meet Minnie for real.

Would love to take Joe to meet Minnie for real.

Though this dream hasn’t come true yet, I do enjoy playing GameVillage Bingo, it is easy and enjoyable. I have won a few small prizes and bonuses and there are some tangible prizes on this site. The site has got amazing jackpots to look out for. They also have coruscating bingo and casino games to choose from adding a bit of variety.

Do you ever play Bingo, either online or at a local bingo hall? Have you ever won, either big or small? I’d love to know where you would travel to if you won a huge pot prize. Would you treat yourself with a nice little shopping surprise or maybe get a new car? Would you splurge on stylish high heels or classy handbags?

Play bingo on GameVillage Bingo and see if you can win a prize this summer?


I blame my nan for my love of Bingo

One of my earliest memories is of spending time in social clubs watching my nan play Bingo. She was a real whizz at it, and quite lucky too, often winning the full house, although she could be a bad loser when the mood took (I used to giggle when I heard her shout ‘shake your balls up…and still laugh when I think about it now.) Nan loved Bingo, often marking two books at a time, each containing six mini boards. I used to be amazed that she could do this all at once – how exactly did she scan those numbers so quickly? I guess, looking back, I can safely say that my passion for the game came from those times spent with nan, drinking Dayla Cola and eating cheese and onion crisps whilst watching nan with her marker pen.

These days, Bingo is no longer something to just be enjoyed in the confines of a social club, or a bingo hall, but something that you can play online, or on video games in arcades. You can enjoy all the same thrills in the comfort of your own home, as a way to relax, or enjoy a little gamble. But it can be an expensive interest, and it is something that you can get carried away with. Which is why it is worth bookmarking the 2BigLadies website. This is a site that reviews all the online bingo provisions and rates them, letting site visitors know which Bingo providers are offering the best bonuses, the ones that require zero deposits and all the latest news from the world of Bingo.




The site also offers information about slot games, and both online and land based casinos.  As a lover of amusement arcades (as you can probably guess from the images above) I think this is a great idea too.

So, if you enjoy the occasional game of bingo, or even if you are a seasoned professional, I think it is well worth checking out the Two Big Ladies site to ensure you get yourself the best deal.

*This is a collaborative post in conjunction with Two Big Ladies.

Bingo Helps You Indulge in Some Sinful Cravings of Yours – Here’s How

Quite sometime back I wrote a post on what I would simply love buying if I won a lottery. The list included some of my favourite things, like a walk-in wardrobe, a whole lot of shoes and some lustful handbags presented by Paula Reed at Harvey Nichols. Well trust me, I am still in love with everything pretty and I wish I could grab all those lustful cravings of mine in one go. But alas! to buy exactly what I desire I would need big pots of money at my disposal and that’s where I falter. Of course, as I said in my previous blog, if I could win the lottery or some easy cash, then indulging in my desires would  be so easy. But obviously, that’s not an easy feat to achieve and you also need to be really lucky. Well, so I thought until recently when I came across this super cool online bingo site.

It was a lazy afternoon for me (Joe was out for the day with my his Uncle Ben) and I was simply browsing through some random sites when I saw a pop up about an online bingo site. I have played bingo online before occasionally, and I had been to a couple of bingo halls with my friends and quite enjoyed it. Since I was super bored I thought it wouldn’t be that bad an idea to browse and see what this online bingo site offers.


The site I was browsing was New Look Bingo, a bright yellow and blue site that instantly caught my attention. It is a splendid looking site with some amazing bingo games. This is, in fact, one of the very few sites which offer a whopping £15 just for joining the site. Also, unlike most other sites, the bonus doesn’t stop after you deposit the first amount. They have reload bonuses of 250% and 300% for the second and third deposits respectively. The best part however in this bingo site are the free games. They have a free bingo room where you can play bingo for free just after joining. There’s another room, the bingo room for the veteran players, where the ticket prices are a steal, it’s not free but  you are able to win some huge cash amounts! They also have an awesome 20% cash back offer where you can get something in return every time you play their bingo and slots. You can pocket back 20% of your deposits every week. Finally I must mention their jackpot prizes. Don’t miss the daily, weekly and monthly guaranteed jackpots. Head to Daily Jackpot Lounge, Mega Jackpot and Super Jackpot bingo rooms where you have a chance to win £250, £500 and £1,000 cash!


 In all honestly I think winning in New Look bingo is quiet easy, if a novice like me can win a little bit of cash playing bingo here, I am sure anyone can. So, join this great bingo website today and win easy cash to indulge in your sinful desires! Hurry!