Christmas stocking fillers from Semilac

Semilac is a Polish beauty beauty brand that is one of the market leaders when it comes to gel polishes, and is now gaining ground in the UK due to its high quality products and very affordable prices. The products, which are also used in many salons, range from the special hybrid nail polish which combines gel, UV and nail polish properties and is currently advertised by Amy Childs, to more traditional polishes and nail treatments. Semilac may be the new kid on the block when it comes to UK nails, but it is certainly gaining ground quickly.

When it comes to nails, I am a red polish girl. I love deep red nails, with Gitane by Chanel being my colour of choice, although I do use other reds too. I was really interested to try one of the Semilac reds, especially as the price point was a fraction of that paid for Chanel. My nails are not in great condition – using a computer for so many hours per day is not good for hands, nor is playing in goal with a seven year old, as a consequence, my nails are brittle and currently quite short. Therefore red nails are perfect as I often think they look better on shorter nails – less vampish, but still stylish.

Semilac Intense Red £4.30 Click to visit Semilac

Semilac Intense Red £4.30 Click to visit Semilac

The red I went for was Intense Red. This costs just £4.30, but promises quite a bit for your money. The bottle itself is very attractive with a lace effect glass, and the applicator is a quick thick brush, which I like as it means that nails can be painted quicker. Semilac say this polish offers:-

• Easy application
• Long lasting results
• Hassle free removal
• Glossy finish
• Protects your natural nail
• Vibrant colour choice
• Salon quality nail polishes

I have to say that I agree. The polish was easy to apply with that thicker brush, and the finish was glossy and shiny. My nails actually feel harder with this on, and so far I have gone four days with no chips – that may actually be a record for me.






Another great product, and one which would make a great gift for a beauty lover, is the tropical manicure oil which has a beautiful peach fragrance. This product, which again costs less than £5, is perfect for keeping your nail beds in tip top condition using a range of vitamins and minerals that will avoid your nail beds drying out. With an applicator brush, this is again very easy to use and is something that would help your nails between manicures.

 Tropical manicure oil - peach 12 ml £4.99 Click to visit Semilac

Tropical manicure oil – peach 12 ml £4.99 Click to visit Semilac


Semilac are offering something different to the nail market, great quality products with many prices under £5. Another idea for filling a Christmas beauty hamper.


Christian Louboutin’s first ever nail colour hits Selfridges

Say the term iconic fashion designs, what springs to mind? Chanel’s Little black dress? Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress? Vivienne Westwood’s pirate boots maybe? Or Gianni Versace and a certain safety pin dress? There is every likelihood that all the aforementioned designs are fully deserving of the term iconic, but no list of iconic designs would be complete without Christian Louboutin’s red soled heels.


Christian Louboutin’s red-bottom colour is registered as Pantone 18-1663 TPX, and there is not a fashionista worth her salt who hasn’t paraded her feet in a pair of Christian’s now legendary heels. There are stories that say the original pair of heels were painted red with nail polish, so it is only fitting that Christian Louboutin’s latest product launch is a nail polish, in that oh so familiar red.

unnamedRouge Louboutin is the perfect colour match for those red soles, and is the first nail colour from Christian Louboutin. As you can imagine, it is no ordinary nail polish. It comes in a very special leather -look presentation box, and in a bottle has a pretty faceted design. And then we have to look at the cap. This is no ordinary top. It is the tallest cap that you will find on any bottle of nail polish, designed to be the same size as the highest heel that Louboutin has designed, Ballerina Ultima, which stands at 20.5cm. (8ins).

 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Nail colour £36 click to visit Selfridges

£36 click to visit Selfridges

The colour is fantastic of course, who doesn’t love a deep red nail, and the polish also promises a double patented formula which should deliver a  nail that shines with a highly glossy finish, but is also chip resistant, giving the nail perfect, glamorous coverage.

This is not the cheapest nail polish on the market currently, with the price tag coming in at £36 for 13ml. But it is something that would be a perfect gift for a Louboutin fan, a beauty fan, or just an all round lover of iconic fashion.

If you’re a fan of red nails, here are a whole page of even more red colours currently available at Selfridges. (Click here to view)