Your Skincare Routine Order Explained – How to Apply Your Products

Yes, this article is about revolutionizing your skincare routine. We’re talking about taking care of your skin, and there’s no doubt that good quality products and a skincare routine are essential for having a glowing skin. When it comes to skincare, women are always seeking useful tips to make their skin softer, healthier, and look younger. Unfortunately, some facts can make our skin look dull and unhealthy. One big mistake that most of the women do is not following a skincare routine. The second mistake is not using the right products, and accordingly. And the third biggest mistake is the exposure to too much sun, which can lead to premature aging, and skin cancer.

Another important aspect that most people don’t consider is that their skin type can change along with the annual seasons. In the cold season, the skin is drier and needs more hydration. But in the summertime, it gets a lot of oily, so it needs mattifying products while keeping it hydrated by drinking plenty of water and use moisturizer. But some misconceptions about beauty and skincare routine must be excluded because they can make girls confused about how to take care of their skin. Here is the right order of applying your skincare products every day.


The first and most important thing to do, and there’s no excuse for it is to wash your face – twice a day, both in the morning and in the evening, using a cleanser. This is a topic very controversial among women. Does it matter what products you’re using? Or the order in which you apply them? The answer is both. The type of products you choose to use will reflect in the way your skin looks. If your skin doesn’t have natural light, it gets red, or you have blemishes, it means that the products you’re using might not be beneficial for you. For this reason, it is crucial to visit a dermatologist and get their opinion about what products suit your skin best. However, despite the lotions, creams, and cosmetics you’re using, it’s essential to cleanse your face accordingly and use gentle products. 


Toning is another important step in your skincare routine, as this will leave your skin clean, unclog pores, and actually prime your face for other ingredients to be absorbed on. It’s important to look for a toner specially made for your skin type. Yes, toners are filled with ingredients for every skin type. If you have breakouts, oily skin, or blackheads, you can try using a toner filled with salicylic acid (BHA) or glycolic, and lactic acid (AHA). It will prevent blemishes, unclog pores, and clear blackheads. AHAs also works for dry skin, but you can choose one that’s not too concentrated. If you’re looking for one that works better than the other one, you must know that both AHA and BHA works effectively. The difference stands in their uses. AHA and BHA are skin exfoliants that can reduce inflammation, unclog pores, prevent breakouts, even out the skin tone, and improve overall skin texture. You can use it in the morning and before bedtime. You can search for best skincare products reviews online, and learn all about skincare routines and how to apply each product.


You probably know about serums, and even used them already. But if you’ve got them at home and don’t know how to apply them on the skin, here are some advice. Serums are full of concentrated nutrients and antioxidants, that can help your skin look healthy and glowing. Not all people use serums, as they believe that they’re not that essential for improving their skin’s appearance. But they’re important lifters of someone’s skincare routine. Think of serums as the shots that your skin needs – they’re small, but with powerful results. Choose a serum with hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin be hydrated all the time, especially when you sleep. 

Eye cream

People tend to skip using eye creams, just like serums. Eye creams are lighter and thinner than lotions, so it’s important to apply them before oils and moisturizers. An important rule in skincare routines is to use lighter products first, and thicker last. Thinner products can’t penetrate heavier products, so this is why it’s important to consider this rule. It all makes so much sense now, isn’t it? For an even better and easier way to use an eye cream, look for one that has a rollerball applicator. The applicator is cold, so it will help with your under-eye-bags, which we all know how annoying and unaesthetic they can look. Also, you can keep the eye cream in the fridge to make sure it’s even more beneficial for your undereye skin. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and sensitive, so it needs proper care. It’s the most prone to get irritated, so you might want to avoid that. Using a hydrating eye cream will protect your under-eye skin and repair it overnight. Also, products that contain caffeine will tighten puffy-eyes in a short time.


Acne, scars, and dark spots – all of these can be treated with specially made products, which suit your skin. Make sure you consult your dermatologist first, as these treatments can irritate your skin if now applied correctly. Ideally, you’ll want to apply your treatments at night, as this is the moment when your body’s working best to repair itself.


No matter what treatments you’re using, or how much money you’ll spend on your skincare products, a moisturizer is always needed for keeping your skin hydrated. There’s no excuse, regardless of your skin type – oily, sensitive, combination, or dry skin; there’s always a formula for you, don’t worry! Using a moisturizer is the only thing that’ll keep your skin protected during the day. Also, it helps all the products underneath it to be a lot more effective. 


Last but not least, here comes the absolute most-needed product that mustn’t miss from your skincare routine. Technically, sunscreen must be applied the last. It protects your face against the UV rays and other pollutants from the outside world. The SPF that your skin needs most is SPF 30. If you skip using SPF, you must know that you put your skin at risk. It means that you’re rushing premature aging and increase cancer risk. So, choose wisely and don’t skip any of the steps above, especially using sunscreen.

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