Take Time Out For A Little Self Care This Autumn

No matter how busy and hectic your life may be, you need to make sure that you take care of your wellbeing in order for you to be healthy and happy. Along with the fulfilling any responsibilities of work, family and motherhood, you should cater to your own needs such as adequate rest, nourishing food and regular exercise, and could also look into how therapy can improve your life if you are feeling that everything is on top of you.

Learn to Love Yourself

If you want to improve the quality of your life, then actually learning to love yourself is a big step forward. So many of us spend so much time beating ourselves up about every last thing, and then wonder why things don’t go our way. Look at all the things you do well, the people who love you and often rely on you, and what you have achieved in life so far, no matter how small or big those things seem. Orionsmethod .com offers a range of self coaching methods that can help you to step back and evaluate all those important life choices and decisions.

Take a Break

Finding some time to focus on you is vital for all mothers because their lives usually involve meeting other people’s needs throughout the day. This can be quite exhausting and if you are overwhelmed you will not be able to handle your obligations effectively. If your general wellbeing does not receive the care it deserves, you will end up being stressed and worn out.

Invest in some time to care for your needs, which will be beneficial for your health in the long run. Finding enough time for yourself requires planning when you have a busy life. Set aside time for the spa, lunch dates with friends and regular appointments with your doctor.


Nutritious Diet

All mothers require a healthy diet that is well-balanced. It is important to plan healthy and simple meals if you have a hectic schedule to ensure that you get the nutrition that you need. Include all the recommended food groups in your meal choices. Your nutritional intake has a significant impact on your general health, immune system, weight and energy levels.


Develop exercise routines that work well for your lifestyle. Exercise helps you to stay active. You do not have to run for miles or go the gym everyday to stay fit. Dancing, swimming and biking are some of the fun activities that you can get involved in to keep you physically active.




Dressing Gowns – Fashion for Relaxation

As much as I love getting dressed up at this time of the year, adding the Christmas sparkle and glitter and basically enjoying the run up to Christmas, it is also true to say that by December 25th, I usually feel tired enough to sleep for a hundred years. So once Christmas is well and truly over, I have a few days where I try to wind down and relax, and basically avoid getting dressed at all. There are new DVDs to be watched, cheesy Christmas movies to enjoy, and those selection boxes to devour, and non of them require anything more than a pair of PJs and my dressing gown. Which is why a new, cosy dressing gown is one of my must buys for 2017.

Supersoft Fleece Wrap £129 Click to visit David Nieper

Supersoft Fleece Wrap £129 Click to visit David Nieper

My favourite sort of dressing gown has to be full length. Short robes are fine for putting on when you get out of the bath, but not for a lounging day – that one needs to give you full coverage, almost providing a blanket effect. I prefer a wrap style robe, is there anything that gives you a feeling so warm and cosy than wrapping up in your dressing gown, especially when the weather outside is anything but warm? My dressing gown of choice will also be fleecy, something that is soft and cuddly (what I am wearing right now as I type this), and, because at the moment I am currently fighting what feels like the world’s worst cold, it also has to have big, deep pockets which I can stuff with tissues.

Elegant Fleece Wrap £135 Click to visit David Nieper

Elegant Fleece Wrap £135 Click to visit David Nieper

Soft Embossed Fleece Wrap £149 Click to visit David Nieper

Soft Embossed Fleece Wrap £149 Click to visit David Nieper

David Nieper has an amazing range of really luxurious robes that start from size XS and go right up to 4XL. These are a real touch of luxury and style that will really help you to lounge and feel relaxed once all the hustle and bustle has died down, and will then be your go to robe for 2017.