Tips for a bedroom makeover on a budget

Whenever we think of giving our bedroom a makeover, we always expect it to come with a huge budget. After all bedroom furniture does not come cheap. If you are not feeling too flush in the cash stakes, and if money is earmarked for other things due to the time of year, it may be that you decide to put the makeover off. But fear not, there are quick fixes that you can try that won’t break the bank and will leave your room looking new and fresh.

Phil Spencer, well known for ‘Location, Location, Location’ has been working with British Gas to create some quick fixes for the home, and in the video below he shows you how you can create a DIY headboard for a bed that can be done quite cheaply and yet is really effective.

A few more Quick fixes

  • New bedding doesn’t have to break the bank and yet can totally change the look of your room but updating the colour scheme, or by being a blank canvas that you can accessorise. Primark has some brilliant quilt sets that are super pretty and super affordable.
  • Look at the layout of your furniture, does it make the best of your space? We have recently had our room redecorated, but the thing that has made the most difference has been changing the furniture around – it has created space and light and actually made the furniture look brand new.
  • Check out charity shops. Vintage dressing table sets, mirrors and vanity sets can all be picked up quite cheaply from Charity shops. I’ve picked up a peach glass set for £2.99, complete with trinket boxes and candlesticks. It now has pride of place on our window sill.
  • Don’t be afraid to mismatch – chintzy sheets and pillowcases can look super cute, picture frames and prints can be different and yet still work, your bedroom doesn’t have to be uniform, it can have character and reflect your personality.



Music Magpie – making money by Recycling

This morning I am going to tell you about a very useful website I have recently discovered. As regular readers of Fashion-mommy know, I am a huge fan of recycling and upcycling goods, I avidly sort out my rubbish, my wardrobe is regularly culled and unwanted stuff given to Charity Shops, and I am forever filling charity bags that land on my doorstep. But Website Music Magpie may well change the way I look at recycling in that you can actually make money from all manner of things that you may previously have given away, from old clothing to DVDs, from games and consoles to recycling your old mobile phone. You can even sell Nintendo Wii games and consoles and then put the money towards something else that you now really want.

How does it work?

Making money from your unwanted stuff is very easy with Music Magpie. When you visit the website, a pop-up window allows you to quickly find the value of items you are planning to sell.  For CDs, DVDs and games, you simply enter the barcode number, for clothes you enter the brand and the garment type, for technical/electrical items you enter the make and model. From this simple information, you can get an instant valuation.  If you decide the price is right 9to quote that 1980s classic quiz show…) you can then either send your item, or if it is a big item, or maybe you’re selling lots of things, you can have the item collected. The great news is that both the ‘send’ service, and the courier service are absolutely free of charge, with the courier service also being fully insured for loss and damage.

How do I get paid?

Payment can be made in the form of a bank transfer or a cheque. You can also have your payment in e-vouchers, perfect if you have your eye on something that you particularly want to buy. (They do M&S vouchers which are always popular. Or, if you are feeling particularly philanthropic, you can donate your earnings to one of the charities that Music Magpie supports, including the Terrence Higgins Trust, various animal and children’s charities.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? You can get that new bag you have your eye on by selling some of that overflowing wardrobe. Or get your youngest that Nintendo Wii game by getting rid of some of the games that he/she has already mastered, or simply got bored with. Whatever you want a bit of spare cash for, Music Magpie can address all your needs very quickly and simply. What’s not to love?