Capturing Those Special Wedding Moments

Your wedding day is the most wonderful of days, full of magical sparkling memories. But ask most brides and grooms and they will tell you that it is over in a flash, with so many things forgotten about, with no real time to savour all that is happening in the joy and emotion of the day. This makes your photographic memories all the more special, to be enjoyed at a later date, and for posterity, to be looked at and shared, to help you remember all that made your day wonderful.

You want to get the best possible photographic memories, so here are a few tips that should help you get a great collection of photographs, from formal official shots, to candid capture the moment clips, and fun ‘let your hair down’ piccies.

Choose Your Photographer Well

Your official shots and photo album are very important, so it is crucial that you choose your photographer well. Read testimonials and look at the style of shots from their example online albums.  You want a photographer who suits your style, so arrange a meeting to discuss what it is you want from the images. Remember this is your special day and you are paying, so you need to be specific and firm in your instructions.

Official Photograph

Look Into Photo Sharing

Most of your guests will have a camera with them in order to capture the day, and they will often have different photographs from the official shots. A great way to get access to these photo’s, and also be able to share them is through wedding photo sharing. Through the use of online photos and apps you can create online albums , inviting your guests to share their photos by emailing them before the wedding. Guests can then share their photographs online during the wedding with a live feed creating a visual timeline. These photographs can then be ordered at a later date, giving you a beautiful full record of your day.

AA guest candid shot

The great thing about this kind of app is that you get a full record of all guests – anyone can be uploading their images, so you get different angles of the official shots, candids of the meal or the entertainment, and shots from all around your venue.

Hire A Photobooth

It has to be said that photobooths are great fun, and provided lots of entertainment once all the official speeches and toasts are over. The best sort of photobooth will enable your guests to either upload their photo’s to Facebook, or print them out as a lovely reminder of a special day. A good idea is to print two images, with one to be placed in an album along with a message from the guest.

Photobooth fun at a recent wedding

Many photobooths will bring their own props – wigs, sunglasses, costumes etc, but you can also pick up specific wedding selfie sets very cheaply at stores like Poundland and Home Bargains. When the Champagne is flowing, the selfie/photobooth can provide the fun shots that provide another memory of a great day.

However you choose to preserve those memories, weddings are wonderful, happy times chocked full of photo opportunities, don’t waste them!




Wedding is a very special affair, and an equally expensive one. Everything related to weddings is outrageously expensive. It is natural for you to want to make the most out of everything.

Photography is a major expense when it comes to weddings, and due to simple lack of a little bit of planning, many couples end up with very few photographs. For instance, most couples want to get their couple portraits done after the ceremony and right before the reception. If the ceremony start/runs late (it usually does), your caterer won’t push the dinner timings and it is the photographer’s job that will suffer. With little time to spare, the number of photographs can be considerably fewer.

If your wedding is around the corner, employ the following tips to avoid situations similar to the one mentioned above.


Yes, you read that correct. When it comes to weddings and schedules, you need to be pessimistic. Assume everything will take longer than it should, because it usually does. Whether is is formal group photos, formal couple portraits, there are so many people involved that at some point, delays will happen. It is better to be prepared for these instead of ending up in stressful and anxious situations, which might be reflected in the photographs as well.


Most of the times when people make their wedding day schedule, they forget to factor in the travel time. Don’t make this mistake. It might be true that when you do factor in the travel time, you will find out that you’re on a very tight schedule. And don’t just stop at travel time, think about the time taken to park the cars and walk to the venue, you don’t want to miss anything.

Another thing that people usually forget about is the times they are pulled aside by relatives and friends to chat, congratulate or catch up. The smart thing is to anticipate these moments and factor in the time to your schedule.


Stick to the plan, don’t let anyone talk you into doing otherwise. A change in timings, or venue or even the things you don’t pay attention to, like extra group photos WILL add to your stress. The delays will also affect the time you need for your portrait photos.




Portrait photographers call this the golden hour. The lighting is perfect at this time and magical photographs are almost guaranteed. Scheduling the couple portrait just before the sunset will ensure you and your better half look awe inspiring in memories that will last a lifetime.




First looks are precious. The intimate moments that the couple get on an otherwise busy and crowded day make for great photographs. They capture magical emotions that occur when the groom witnesses his bride for the first time. Typically, the groom is made to stand facing away and the bride is made to tap on his shoulder to make him turn around and look at the bride. First look sessions make for great additions to couple portrait collections.




Remember to have fun! It is your wedding after all. And as the bride, don’t ever forget two things, one, there is nobody else that finds this day as important as you, and two, nobody is more important than you and your future life partner on this day.

Why you should hire Bellagala for wedding photography services

A wedding celebration is a once in a lifetime event that needs to be remembered forever. This ceremony is important because it ushers couples into their married life. To make this ceremony memorable, photographs are used. Many investors know the importance of photography in weddings and that has led to the emergence of many firms. Below are tips for picking a good firm.

Duration of operating

You must hire a firm that has rendered photography services for the longest time. The only way for a business to survive in any market is to offer quality services. A firm that is consistently rendering poor services will not last long in the business. Potential clients will hear the complaints of its past clients and they will elude it. This will culminate in lack of revenue.

Calibre of employees

Not all companies are committed to hiring photographers with higher qualifications in this expertise. Maintaining the salaries and the allowances of such experts is a burden because it is expensive. This lowers their profit margins because it boosts their expenditure. It is prudent to hire a firm that is daring enough to hire highly qualified snappers. The value of service they give is exceptional.


Since many weddings are happening every time of the year, there is a demand for photography. In business, demand will always attract service providers. Demand creates an opportunity for photography firms to generate income and profits. Picking the right company is hard because they are numerous. To make an appropriate choice, rely on the existing referrals and recommendations.


The firms that have rendered the wedding photography service for a longer time will definitely have a reputation. Their past clientele creates the reputation by sharing their opinions. The sentiments they share determine the type of reputation the companies will get. Bad opinions culminate in a bad reputation and vice versa. To elude bad services, shun firms with a bad reputation.


Investments on critical equipment

It is necessary for the companies to own every machine and apparatus needed for photography. Some firms possess all the equipment but their value is lower. Enterprises procure low-valued products because they are cheaper. However, they produce poor-quality photographs. Bellagala has invested heavily on high-quality machines to maintain the production of high-quality photos.


These enterprises are in business and their core objective is to increase their profits. This has led the proprietors to use different pricing strategies. The diverse pricing strategy is essential to beat competition. You will find companies offering cheaper prices to attract clients. Others will prefer using expensive costs to target the wealthy clients. Wealthy clients can afford any price.




The references are a set of people who already tested the services of the photographers before. They have a better understanding of how they handle their clients. Their experience with the experts can give you facts that will empower your decisions. Ask the snapper to give you a contact list of his references. Prepare questions to ask them before contacting them.

Author Bio

James Brown is a knowledgeable photographer with over ten years of experience working with Bellagala. He has written many articles and posted in his blog.