Take a Cycling Vacation to Bali

The best way to see the Balinese countryside is to go cycling. Passing through picturesque villages, and whizzing past plantations with the wind in your hair is simply heavenly. You can wave to school children and the farmers in their rice paddies as you cycle along. 

Also, you can sightsee at your leisure. You can stop and take pictures or gaze upon unspoiled beauty for as long as you like. Moreover, cycling is an excellent workout. You get some exercise in the best of places; outdoors. 

Exciting Biking Locations

Hire a guide and go for individual rides or go in a group. If you are looking for stunning views, here are a few suggestions on where to go cycling in Bali.

Candidasa and Taman Ujung Water Palace

Many of Candidasa’s hotels provide bicycles for hire or as a part of the services offered. The area’s roads are mostly flat, especially along the coastal zone, perfect for a bike ride. The hotels and resorts offer shuttle services to the hills. You can hire a guide to help navigate the bike trails. 

The guide will take you biking to the Taman Ujung Water Palace to see the magnificent structures. If you feel like it, you make a splash in one of the many pools or enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean. 

Also, many resorts offer spa treatments. After your cycling adventure is done for the day, you can go back to the hotel for a massage. Alternatively, you can access a spa in Bali that offers excellent spa treatments. 

Bali Bike Park

Located in the village of Pancasari, the Bike Park boasts accessible biking trails that feature obstacle courses such as:

  • Downhill
  • Endure line
  • Jump line

This par is popular with families. Most of the bike trails are suitable for cyclists at any level. You are allowed to choose a path of your choice. There are great views along the trails, and once you have had enough, take a dip in the ocean and dig into some delicious local dishes. 

Visitors to the park also have access to a cross country area. It is excellent for free biking through the marked trails that run through a jungle. 

Advanced Biking in Ubud

There are trails for both advanced as well as moderate cyclists. If you are up to it, you can opt for the hilly valley trails. These trails combine both rice field and tropical jungle trails. They are excellent for advanced cyclists who yearn for a challenge. 

Alternatively, your group or family can choose the smoother paved roads that are within the town center. These take you past historical temples, galleries, and palaces. Your hotel may provide bicycles for complimentary use. 

Putung Village

If you are keen on scenic sights, Putung Village is your destination of choice. Located in the eastern region of Bali, Putung Village offers a rugged terrain whose trails are fairly downhill. As you enjoy your leisurely bike ride, you will see:

  • Sporadic views of the Indian Ocean
  • Traditional house
  • Rice field terraces
  • Two large hills at Karangasem
  • A hidden beach 

Smooth Riding at Bongkasa Village

If you are visiting Ubud, you can head out to Bongkasa Village for some comfortable riding. The village consists of biking trails that take you past temples and rice paddies. The terrain is flat and suitable for rookie cyclists. You could teach your child to ride a bike in Bongkasa. 

Also, the guides are knowledgeable about the area. They can give you a brief history of the village and explain the traditions and architecture that you see. They also know about the farming practices of the people. The village is also famous for walking tours. 


If you have not thought about a cycling tour to Bali, you ought to consider it. The island has the perfect weather for such an activity, and the landscape is to die for. Also, you can tour the island at leisure and have your fill of the fantastic sights and sounds of Bali.