The Beautiful Celestia Bracelet From Carat London

As we head towards the end of January our thoughts start to turn to the next month, which just happens to be the month for love. Yes, February is the month when even the grumpiest amongst us show our romantic side, as we celebrate St Valentine’s Day, and treat our loved ones to something beautiful, a gift they can treasure.

One of the most popular gifts when it comes to Valentine’s Day is a gift of jewellery. It is something that delights in that it stands the test of time, shows thought and care, and can be something that reflects the personality of the recipient. Who doesn’t love to receive a gift of jewellery? Certainly not me.

Carat that focuses on both the ethics of jewellery, and gemstones, as well as the beauty. Founded almost 20 years ago, with a mission to create fashion and fine jewellery, that used alternatives to mined gemstones, Carat London today has a reputation for creating stunning pieces of jewellery that uses the best quality, non-mined gemstones around.

I have a stunning piece of Carat London jewellery that I think totally showcases the quality, beauty and ethical status of the brand. The Celestia bracelet is perfect in so many ways.  It has an Art Deco style star as its centre point and is set in Sterling Silver with a White Gold Finish. The star lies flat on the wrist, so you do not need to worry about it getting caught on clothing, and the nature of the design means it is a delicate, discreet piece that could easily be worn every day, and not just kept for special occasions. The design also means it would look good worn layered with other bracelets, either in the same sterling silver, or with mixed metals for a cool, contemporary look.

The beauty of the Celestia bracelet design is that it it totally adjustable due to the slider, which also has a micro set detail. The slider allows you to adjust your bracelet to the perfect fit for you, it can be adjusted up to 21cm. The cubic zirconia stones are bright and shimmering, making the star stand out, particularly when worn against a black top/dress. This is a bracelet that will totally appeal to those that love anything celestial, or those who love Art Deco style, or those who would choose a bracelet as their  favourite piece of jewellery. This bracelet is part of the Stella collection, so you could add new pieces to your collection, including stunning necklaces, pendants and earrings.

Carat London Jewellery comes beautifully packaged in a signature white box which is embellished with a pretty silver ribbon, making it a gorgeous gift idea that has no need for excess wrapping paper, another way to buy into Carat as an ethical brand.

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