The Osmonds Musical Delights Birmingham

It has to be said that last night was not a normal opening night at The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham. To put it blunty, maybe The Osmonds did leave the stage twice in their heyday due to medical emergancies in the audience that meant that the show had to be stopped, the lights put up and ambulances called, but I have to say it’s not something that I’ve seen in my time in reviewing theatre. That said, the cast were absolute troopers, utter professionals who made sure we all made it to the end, and that a good time was had with one of the best musicals around.

The Osmonds story is told by Jay Osmond, who also acts as narrator for the tale – the glue who holds everything together as mom Olive calls him. The story starts with the band gaining fame at an early age as a junior barbers show quartet, finding an audience through the Andy Williams show, with Donny soon joining the troop. The young cast (Herbie Byers – Donny, Jayden Harris – Alan, Austin Redwood – Wayne, Dexter Seaton – Merrill, Miles Redwood – Jay with Austin Riley as Little Jimmy), are an absolute dream, consummate performers already and certainly winning hearts tonight.

We then move to their teens and their days as the ultimate teen idols, a band where everyone can sing, dance and play all the instruments. But early fame sours as first Donny is pushed into the limelight as the ultimate teen dream, and then paired with sister Marie in their own variety show. Brothers Merrill, Jay, Wayne and Alan are left as little more than a back up band to their younger siblings. This fact, combined with loneliness, the endless touring, and the need to want a life of their own leads to a fracturing of relations amongst the family. But the Osmond family is nothing if not resilient, and they will bounce back due to faith and family.


This is a wonderful show that has a truly wonderful cast at its heart. Alex Lodge is an asbolute teen dream as the easy going Jay, or narrator and lead, and he nails those Crazy Horses vocals and dance moves perfectly, and is an utterly likeable presence throughout. He is ably supported by his ‘brothers’, the sensitive, vulnerable Ryan Anderson as Merrill – the voice of an angel, but slowly falling apart in some quite heart rending scenes, Jamie Chatterton as Alan, trying to keep everything together as oldest brothers do, Danny Nattress as Wayne, the brother with the strength to ask questions, and Tristan Whincup as Donny, the teenyboppers choice who just wanted to be one of the boys. Honoury brother Georgia Lennon shows incredible vocal range as Marie, and is a real, scene stealing presence. Whilst, talking of scene stealers Austin Riley eerily takes us back to 1972 with his uncanny, brilliant take as wee Jimmy singing ‘Long haired lover from Liverpool’.

The performances of the famous songs are impeccable, with One bad Apple and Let me in being standouts, and the attention to 1970s detail is impressive – every costume, every hair style, every stage set, looks like it could’ve jumped out of the early 70s. This just adds to the feeling that this is a truly polished performance, but one that pulls the audience along with it’s sheer personality and the power of the songs.

The Osmonds is one slice of nostalgia you need to see, even if you don’t remember it from the first time around.

The Osmonds is at The Alexandra Theatre, BIrmingham until 29th October, click here for ticket information.

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