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Tips For A Stress-Free House Move

Moving house is apparently one of the most stressful things humans can do. Whether it is or not is debatable, but if you ask anyone who’s done it, most people will agree it’s a pretty stressful experience, especially if you’re buying and selling at the same time.

There are some things you can’t control, like sales or purchases falling through, banks denying mortgages, or jobs disappearing at just the wrong time. But there are also some things you can do that will help with the logistics and the organising.

Keep Lots of Lists

And update them regularly, ticking off completed tasks and adding on new items that crop up. Whether you keep a house moving bullet journal or have a spreadsheet of tasks on the computer doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you know where you are with correspondence, packing, removals, changes of address, new schools… the million and one things that need sorting out.

Things to include in lists:

  • Contact details, including phone and physical or email addresses for solicitors, utility companies, estate or letting agents, removal companies, TV and internet providers, banks, and everyone else you might need to get hold of. Having a nice big list of all these details makes correspondence more efficient.
  • Viewing notes. Make lists of properties you’ve seen, or any comments and questions your potential buyers ask. You’ll be able to refresh your memory quickly, and that’s important when so much else is going on.
  • Dates and deadlines. Include things like exchanging contracts, arranging removals, or swapping energy suppliers.

As moving day gets closer, there will be lots of little things to think about. Add them to lists so your mind isn’t overwhelmed with trying to remember everything. It’s a good idea to have a folder or file where you can store all the correspondence, whether this is digital, paper, or both. If you need more help on getting organised with lists, here’s a useful moving house check list.

Pack Efficiently

Start packing as soon as you know you’re definitely moving. It might be months away, but those weeks can fly by and packing up a house full of possessions is a lengthy process.

A self storage unit can give you some breathing space. You can pack up boxes of items you don’t need for everyday living and move them out of the house to start clearing the decks. Renting a storage room has several advantages:

  • You don’t have to make decisions about what to keep and what to discard as you move.
  • You gradually create a more spacious and airier house for viewings.
  • Storage facilities are everywhere so you can even choose one in the area you’re moving to if that makes more sense than storing locally.

If you need boxes, some storage facilities can help with packing materials too. Remember to label boxes clearly. It’s tempting to just write ‘kitchen stuff’ but try and be more specific so you can find the kettle quickly when you need it.

On Moving Day

Make sure you’ve got some basic necessities packed and handy. Things like toiletries, snacks, water, tea, coffee, milk, phone chargers. Whether you’re moving across country or just across town, it helps to have those things to hand in a hectic schedule. One important thing is clean sheets for the beds. Having somewhere cosy to crash after a hard day is bliss.

Have realistic expectations, which can often mean expecting the unexpected. Try and have a backup plan in case things go horribly wrong, such as the removal van being late or the estate agent losing the keys to your new place. It can happen.

Resign yourself to living amongst boxes for a few days, or even weeks. You’ll never get the whole new house straight overnight. When you finally close your new front door on the first night, take it easy and relax.  

Unpack the essentials first, such as your bedding and food. Order a takeaway or have a meal in your new local pub or restaurant. As long as you, your family and all your possessions are safely together, everything else can wait. The hard work is done so it’s time to take a breather and start enjoying your new house.


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