Top 5 Things To Do During A Santorini Honeymoon

Nobody can deny the unprecedented levels of romanticism exuded from every single whitewashed alley and volcanic pebble in Santorini. And, it certainly comes as no surprise that it’s on top of every honeymoon-ideal-destination list. The only issue (if one can even call it that) is what to do first while visiting the Queen of the Cyclades for a honeymoon. How do you pay your respects to the ultimate royalty in the Mediterranean so you get the most out of her regal upbringing? Here is a guide to help you out, while you enjoy time in Cool and unique hotels in Santorini here are some honeymoon activities for both the romantic and more adventurous souls out there! 

Sunbathe on a black sand beach 

The eruption of the Santorini volcano has marked the island’s history, shaping its geology and altering its terrain, for life. The Santorini coastline is nothing like the sugary beaches you find in other Greek islands. Instead, you are being welcomed to volcanic-sand shores with a distinctive black, red, or white color. Two of the most popular black-sand beaches in Santorini are Perissa and Kamari, which are definitely worth a visit for their supreme seascapes and, of course, unique and one-of-a-kind setting! While here, you can rent  an umbrella or sun lounge or relax in a beachfront restaurant serving mouth-watering fried calamari and other palatable local dishes. 

Soak up the last rays of the sun from a prestigious spot

Santorini is world-wise famed for its spectacular, heart-stopping, and absolutely idyllic sunsets. And, although the views from all around Santorini are magical, a few areas seem to attract the attention of most visitors (rightfully so). So, you can try Fira, the island’s lively capital, picturesque Oia, and definitely the scenic Imerovigli. You can thank us later – after you catch your breath from the mind-blowing spectacle. 

That being said, though, you can even enjoy a great sunset view (or any type of view, so to speak) from the rooftop of a cafe or bar, a restaurant sitting on the rim of the Caldera, the infamous blue-domed churches, and many more. 

Sample delicious local wine

The Santorini wines are some of the most globally acclaimed wines, and have won multiple awards for their intense flavours, the richness of their taste, and the way they caress the throat! While honeymooning in Santorini, you could opt for a wine tasting and/or wine making tour and visit some of the best local wineries, where you can sample the finest wines of this planet accompanied by appetising local dishes and treats! 

You may even request a personalised wine tour and combine it with sitting at a winemaker’s terrace just before the sun slides behind the glistering Mediterranean Sea, adorning the sky with a fantastic dance of reds, oranges, and pinks (even blues). Depending on which winery you have visited, your panoramas could stretch to nearby Tinos too! 


  • An even more inviting way to enjoy the local wines is onboard a luxury yacht or catamaran as you sail the archipelago. 
  • If you are not much of a wine fan and prefer beer, the Santrorini Brewing Company will grant  your wish for great-tasting local beer (you’ll know it’s the right one by the donkey logo)!

Try water activities and sports 

Adrenaline seekers will find scuba diving and deep sea diving particularly exciting in Santorini due to the volcanic underwater cosmos. Full of submarine cliffs and caves, the island is home to more than 40 scuba diving sites (recognised ones), the majority of which are around the caldera. Expect an aquatic universe full of various schools of fish and a magnificent undersea landscape. And, if you feel daring enough, you could add jumping off the Amoudi Bay cliff on your to-do list! You may have a bit of a tough time spotting this Bay (it’s a bit secluded), but you won’t regret visiting it, even if it’s just for its beautiful views and crystalline waters. 

Pamper and spoil yourself in any possible way 

From having a candlelit dinner for two in the privacy of your luxury suite or elegant villa with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, to indulging in a spa or wellness treatment, enjoying a night out,  dancing to the beats of a lively club, or simply slowing down your daily pace to admire and appreciate the little things in life, Santorini is a dream-fulfilment land that gives its guests a different, more fairy-tale flair into everything they experience in and all around her.  




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