Top Tips for Raising An Environmentally Conscious Child

Unfortunately, as the world changes, so does our impact on the environment. In the past 20 years we’ve seen rapid change to the world. We’re also more equipped to combat common eco-conscious issues whether we’re adults or guiding our children into being more eco-friendly.

In this guide from a boys school in Hertfordshire, we take a look at some top tips you can teach your children to be more mindful of the planet and how we can work together to bring about a more eco-friendly society.

Visit a science museum

A lot about how we live and thrive comes from science. Take your child to a science or even history-themed museum and show them exactly what it means to look after our planet. Make exhibitions make it paramount that children learn about the ongoing global warming situation and how companies and governments need to do better. But it’s also condensed into an understandable language for your child to easily respond to.

Model sustainability through all walks of life

From visiting a zero waste store to buy your grains, pulses and pasta, to taking your own bags when you go shopping. Just these little things can make a huge difference, and taking your child with you when you do these things can show what little they can do to make such a big impact. Children are much more likely to follow your lead if you yourself are an advocate of eco-conscious shopping and do your part.

Pack your child’s lunches together

A packed lunch doesn’t just save you money. While it does help, having an eco-friendly head also means preparing food the night before and not having to waste. A packed lunch every day gives you the reassurance that you know what your child’s eating and is less likely to waste their food. Packed together in a reusable tub with minimal packaging and you’re already doing your part to keep the home as free from plastic pollution as possible.


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