Helping Your Child Transition From Nursery To Big School

The big jump to primary school from nursery is a whole new level of stress for a child. It can take a little while for children to get used to, especially as they learn about their new teachers, making friends from completely different schools and a whole new curriculum. It’s a lot for a child, but it can be made easier by helping them along the way.

In this guide we look at how you can help your child with their big change from nursery to entering their first years in primary school with the help from this nursery in the city.

Take them to the school on a day before they start school properly

Give you and your child the lay of the land. They’ll be able to feel more comfortable if they’re not likely to get flustered or stressed on their first day. Teachers are able to guide you and your child to where they’ll be likely to study and what kind of things they’ll be getting up to in their first week. When the first day arrives, your child will be confident to locate areas and chat to teachers freely.

Buy some new equipment for them to get excited

Stationery, a new backpack or lunchbox, whatever you feel would make them happy is a good investment. Let them choose what they’d like to have on their first day and it’ll get them excited about letting them use their new favourite bag or a nice pencil case.

Make a nice meal for them to eat after their first day

A hearty, healthy but lovely meal after an intense day in school can make all the difference to a child. Not only do they feel like they’ve done a good job to earn something special but they know that they’re being rewarded for something that can be a lot for them to handle at once. After a few weeks, take them out for a surprise dinner after you feel they’ve settled in well. Again, they’ll feel the happiness of the reward and will feel like they’re doing their best in their new surroundings.


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