How To Raise A Compassionate Child

Compassion is a key skill for children to learn and develop as they grow older. It’s an important step for children to understand as they become more responsible, pick up more tasks in the home and establish relationships with others.

In this guide from an independent school in Surrey, we take a look at the ways you can raise your child to be compassionate.

Offer your child chores to do in the home

A part of learning about compassion is reminding your child how it can be earned. If they have an understanding of responsibility and respect, they’re more likely to express compassion and love towards others. Start by giving them small tasks they can pick up around the home, like preparing the table for dinner or vacuuming the home. They begin to learn how much effort you do as parents around the home and become more respectful of their space.

If you’re kind, they’ll be kind back

A core way of developing compassion in your child is if you model it in your own life as well. Show them what it means to be kind and understanding; it gives them the framework to develop compassion and gratefulness in other areas of their life. You should always treat your friends, family and children as how you’d want to be treated, so aim to be happy, radiate positivity and offer help and advice for your child.

If you see poor behaviour, talk to them about it

Don’t let bad behaviour from your child slide when they’re playing, speaking to others or even towards you. Show them that bad language, remarks or just being plain unkind to others won’t get them anywhere and that they should aim to be kind and honest through all walks of life. If they get this behaviour through following your own actions, then it may be a sign of things that need to change in the home.


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