Travel Etiquette For Brits Abroad

Traveling. It’s an important part of your holiday, one which can often set the tone for the rest of your trip. Some people love traveling, soaking up the experiences of a bit of airport shopping and a spot of food. Some airports even offer spa services and special first class lounges that can add a premium touch of luxury to what is ultimately getting from A to B.  For others though, traveling is a nightmare, and often the nightmare is made worse by other passengers.

UK ferry brand Condor Ferries have recently put together a really fun, but also informative travel etiquette guide that addresses the UK’s biggest bugbears when it comes to  traveling. The guide looks at everything, from noise from the other passengers (people talking excessively loud on their mobile phones anyone?) to those who over indulge in the bar during their wait for transport, even looking at those issue with body odour that a little deodorant would take care of. The lighthearted look at travel etiquette  is also full of great tips that make you a better traveler yourself.

I’ve recently traveled to and from Cyprus, and this made me wonder about things that really annoy me when I travel. There are definitely a few things that made me grit my teeth, including:-

  • We’re queuing for a reason. Don’t you just hate people who walk straight to the front of the queue as if the whole queue was invisible. We had a slight delay in Paphos on our return, and once the gate was announced we were asked to queue. I lost count of the amount of people who simply ignored the queue and headed straight for the exit. THERE’S A QUEUE!
  • People who wear their pool clothes to travel in. I’ve heard of traveling light, but wearing those garish swim shorts and flip flops as you check in – really? I had a man sit opposite me on the plane whose shorts were so short he almost had his meat and two veg on display on the plane. Put some clothes on please!
  • The large families on planes who play a constant game of musical chairs as they keep swapping seats to talk to someone different. I have something to say – the music has stopped, please sit down and stay put.
  • I have to agree with the smell at airports for the return journey, a horrible mixture of sweat and sun cream from people who have been sitting around the pool all day waiting to come home. Please sort your musk folks, it’s not pleasant.

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