Wedding Ring Styles For Spring

After the past two years of lockdown, weddings are back with a bang for 2022. Being able to hold a proper ceremony with all your family and friends once again together has made lots of people hold off their wedding for a couple of years, but now brides can finally have the big day that they deserve.

The wedding trends for 2022 have been weird and wonderful, with everything from Bridgerton inspired weddings to more frugal, sustainable brides taking a leaf from Carrie Symonds book and actually renting their dress rather than buying it outright. But whether the actual trend for the wedding, one thing remains of the upmost importance – the ring.

Ring Styles

When it comes to choosing wedding rings, there are so many factors to take into consideration.  Colour, design and material play an important role in differentiating ring styles along with wedding themes – if you are going for a Bridgerton themed wedding are you also looking for a regency style ring? Jeulia are always a great destination when it comes to the most stylish, fashion forward wedding and engagement rings, and this season is no different, with so many beautiful styles available.

So what are the stylish brides wearing in 2022.

The classic band 

This is it. This has been the go to style forever. My nan had a simple gold band, my mom a more intricate platinum band, and I have a black and white diamond band style. This is never in fashion because it is classic and iconic. It always looks good, it always works, not matter what your personal style is. Vintage wedding bands that have been passed on from generation to generation have a story to tell, but if you can’t find the perfect vintage wedding bands, you could instead opt for a vintage style ring.

Coloured Stones

Where a classic band is just that, a style classic, a band with a coloured stone is something far more modern and new. Brides no longer always opt for a white dress, many instead have a nod to the colour scheme they have chosen, and this reflects in the ring. Adding a coloured stone, or even more than one, gives your wedding ring a vibrant, stand out vibe and allows your personality to flow through the ring.

Ring Sets and Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are thin diamond bands that are designed to be worn one on top of the other. This could include a plain band with a solitaire style stone, a mixture of white, rose and traditional gold, or even a mixture of textures, with a matte finish mixed with something more glossy and shiny. Once again this kind of choice can show off your personality.

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