What are the Benefits of School Trips?

There are many benefits to school trips; they are a vital part of your child’s learning journey. Essentially, they help children gain a better insight of the world around them, from political to environmental points of view. Lots of grammar schools in the UK place an emphasis on school trips because they give students an opportunity to learn in a new environment, bringing the subject to life and adding an element of excitement to the curriculum.

Educational trips and travel in general are great for helping shy children step out of their comfort zone and engage with unfamiliar people and environments. For instance, they might have to ask for directions or order food. What’s more, they will build upon their relationships with their teachers and peers. These are all interactions that will help students become more confident and may lead to increased involvement in classroom discussions.

Research has shown that children who have been on a school trip are far more likely to retain the information they have learnt and remember it during exams. This is because their practical memories are more stimulating than words in a text book. In other words, school trips can help children perform better in their formal tests.

One can’t deny that one of the main benefits of school trips is simply that they make a nice change from a classroom environment. Children deserve this type of break every once in a while. School trips are also a great way to engage different type of learners, such as kinaesthetic and visual. In many cases, they allow children to make memories they can keep forever.