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What Is Art Moderne Interior Design? (And How To Get The Look)

                                                                    Source: Houzz – Art Deco Style Bedroom

Art Moderne is a classical interior design style developed from 1930s Art Deco, emphasising curving forms, rounded corners, low ornamentation, and clean lines.

The Art Moderne style is from an architectural movement from the Great Depression, during which complex and ornate buildings were unaffordable to produce. 

Art Moderne solved the problem by emphasising long, horizontal lines and manmade materials, giving rise to mass production and rapid construction.

As an interior design style, Art Moderne uses Art Deco elements but tones down glamour and ornateness for ‘streamlining’, which describes the horizontal lines and simpler shapes that define Art Moderne.

Art Moderne characteristics

The biggest giveaway of Art Moderne inspiration is its emphasis on low, horizontal lines rather than verticality.

Art Moderne is also called Streamline Moderne as an appreciation for its simplistic use of shapes. Your typical Art Moderne interior uses round, smooth, curvy shapes that give the impression of fluid motion – an organic twist to create the sense of depth lost with less ornamentation.

While the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 30s used liberal embellishments, Art Moderne toned it all down in favour of a lighter feel suited to the times.

One of the best examples of material use is Bakelite, the first synthetic plastic used throughout the home, especially in electronics like phones and radios. Patterns included geometric straight lines and single bands.

How to get the Art Moderne look

Here’s how to get the Art Moderne look:

  • Curved shapes

Your furniture, rugs, fixtures, and décor should have curved, organic shapes that provide a sense of motion and personality.

You then balance curves with straight lines – for example, a curved bed headboard with a linear wall light above it.

                                 Pictured: Giltedge Beds Zodiac Headboard – Floor Standing, Available from Bedstar.

  • Low horizontal lines

Horizontal lines make a room appear more spacious and help to accentuate height by drawing the eye line down.

You can introduce low horizontal lines with split wallpaper (where the lower one-third of walls are patterned) and wall coving.

  • Asymmetrical details

Asymmetry includes repeating similar forms, lines, and colours, with no mirroring or exact duplication. This creates a less formal and rigid layout, helping give your space a casual feel essential to the Art Moderne style.

You can create asymmetry with two different elements that are balanced. For example, you can have a bedside table on the right and a chunky floor lamp on the left.

  • Low furniture

Art Moderne has a casual vibe that doesn’t take itself seriously, and the best way to achieve that feeling is with low furniture.

For example, a low bed will not only draw the eye line down but shift a person’s perspective when sitting on it, increasing the sense of space.

                Milan Bed Company End Lift Single Leather Ottoman Bed Frame – White. Available from Bedstar.

  • Pastel and dusky colours

Art Moderne works best with pastel colours like duck egg blue and peach pink and dusky colours like ochre yellow and pale brown. Keeping your colour palette subdued helps your Art Moderne interior flow without drawing the eye.

For a pop of colour, go for orange, lime green, or sky blue – these are typical of the era and suit most interior design tastes.

  • Colour blocks

One of the striking ways to achieve the Art Moderne look is to create single blocks of colour on every wall. For example, one wall might be blue, another pale green, another brown, and another white to create a retro theme.

While colour blocks aren’t for the faint-hearted, they can give your interior space character when the colours are complementary.

  • Scattered yellow light

Art Moderne interiors use lots of yellow light and scatter it in exciting ways with glass/crystal and coloured shades. Installing Art Deco light fittings with curved shapes is the best way to achieve an authentic Art Moderne style.

                                             Pictured: Dar Tumola Art Deco Style 4 Light Ceiling Pendant Matt Bronze

Look for ways to use more light in your bedroom, such as small desk lamps, dimmable lights, and additional wall or ceiling spotlights.


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