Why Is Semi-Permanent Makeup Superior To Makeup?

We asked Kirsty Smith from Flawless UK why she believes permanent makeup is a better option for your health and lifestyle than traditional makeup and how opting for permanent makeup may improve your life.

It is healthier for your skin: Putting on makeup plugs our pores and causes our skin to feel as though it has been invaded by exotic entities. Lipstick, eyeliner, and other cosmetic items may cause our skin to become oily, drab, and unhealthy. Add to it the tedious, harsh process of taking off things like waterproof makeup, and you can see how tough makeup can be for our fragile skin. We can now stop this chemically destructive, oil-sucking routine from our lives by having permanent brows, eyeliner, and lips. Allowing our vulnerable skin extra time to breathe.

It’s more precise: How many times have you had a flawless eyeliner on your right (or left) eye and then spent hours attempting to replicate it on the other? How often have you used lipliner disproportionately or discovered that one eyebrow is more curved than the other? Permanent makeup removes all of the guesswork from your efforts by providing you with precise permanent eyeliner, lips, and brows.

It can work out less expensive: You probably don’t realise how much money you spend on eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara, but according to a recent report, the typical woman spends over £12,000 on makeup during her lifetime. Permanent makeup can last years and costs between £200 and £500 for each treatment. Retouches appointments are a fraction of the price, so you might save a significant amount of money compared to buying and applying your own makeup each day.

The final result is superior: Some permanent makeup artists specialise in 3D makeup, meaning they can enhance the appearance of your greatest features with creative touches like tone and shading. 3D lip tattoos combine colouring and lip liner to give your lips a three-dimensional definition, providing the impression of luscious, pouty lips without the need for invasive and destructive collagen injections. Likewise, 3D eyebrow tattooing may be utilised to make your brows seem full and healthy, regardless of how much natural hair grows in that region.

It saves you time: According to studies, women might devote upwards of 2 years of their life putting on cosmetics.  If you’ve ever attempted to get prepared for a night out, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Making oneself appear good is a difficult task. With permanent eyeliner, lips, and brows, you can get a professional look without ever visiting a beauty clinic.

If you’re still unsure if semi-permanent makeup is the right choice for you, speak to an expert at Flawless Permanent Makeup today to achieve an exact, attractive, and complementing appearance, we always utilise high-tech micropigmentation. Ask about permanent makeup today and discover why they aren’t simply for anyone who uses a lot of makeup all the time.

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