Dinosaurs in the Wild – a trip back in time at The NEC

June 21st, 2017

Last night I traveled back 67million years in time to Time Base 67, a groundbreaking research facility that is finding out all that needs to be known about the Cretaceous period, and the dinosaurs that roamed and ruled the world. No, I haven’t gone mad, I’m talking, of course, about ‘Dinosaurs in the Wild’ a groundbreaking mixture of show, theme park and hands on experience that will open at the Birmingham NEC this weekend, and is sure to be the hit of the Summer with both adults and children alike.

Dinosaurs in the Wild is an experience that is so real you could almost believe you have traveled back in time. A mixture of CGI effects, animatronics and real life actors playing the part of scientists, lab workers and tour guides, you are taken through lots of different stages relating to dinosaurs, from a lab where you can examine dino dung for teeth and bone fragments, to a dinosaur autopsy which is funny rather than too gruesome. You meet dinosaurs who are nocturnal, farting and snoring whilst they sleep, and see dinosaur eggs being looked after prior to hatching, even meeting a newborn pterodactyl.


The whole attraction is well thought out, and there are so many things to see, which is why, even at 70 minutes long, you could still go back and keep noticing things.  The attraction works well at suspension of belief, with safety films telling you to be careful at windows (if you can see a dinosaur it can certainly see you etc, etc), and even the 3d glasses are described as radiation glasses, with a warning you must put them on immediately when told. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the piece de resistance, the viewing platform where you see the dinosaurs in their natural environment. It is very lifelike and doesn’t shy away from the true reality of nature, a rather cute baby triceratops being eaten shocked me, although the kids in attendance didn’t seem to mind so much.

I don’t want to give too much away, but Dinosaurs in the Wild is very, very good, a definite must visit for the upcoming school holidays.

With Nina Wadia from Eastenders and The Kumars

With Donna Air

Dinosaurs in the Wild, Hall 2, Birmingham NEC

24th June – 23rd August

Click here for more information and tickets.


The Hidden Benefits of Prepaid Cards

June 21st, 2017

It is widely known that prepaid cards are reloadable and are today a recognised payment option, offering the same functionality as traditional credit and debit cards. Regrettably, and what many people don’t realise is that prepaid cards can offer much more than this. Below are some of the lesser known benefits of using prepaid cards:

Owning a Prepaid Card Can Help You maintain your Budget
If you have owned and used a conventional credit card in the past, you may very well have ended up spending more than you had initially planned for, just because the additional credit was available. This dilemma can occur even while shopping with cash as it can be quite risky, particularly if you have a lot on hand.
It can be effortless to manage and monitor a budget with a prepaid card. For example, if you have pre-decided how much you want to spend on a particular purchase, or if you have agreed upon a fixed shopping budget for each month, you may load that specific amount onto your prepaid card beforehand. This method helps to cut back on superfluous spending, as you will be limited to use the amount preloaded on your card. This is a useful function if you are supporting others financially; you can ensure that they don’t overspend and stay within the budget you have previously established.
Cheaper Than Using Bank Cards
In the majority circumstances, the cost associated with Visa prepaid cards will often be cheaper than fees associated with opening a bank account and the maintenance required. Usually, the regular prepaid card user will pay out much less in fees each month in comparison to conventional bank account users. Instead the money freed up from paying unnecessary maintenance fees could be accumulated to a substantial quantity over time which can then be used for more enjoyable and functional purposes such as shopping and dining out.
Safety Benefits of Prepaid Cards
The use of credit and debit cards include the innate possibility of fraud. Apart from having your card stolen or pickpocketed while you’re going out and about, there is also the danger of having your card hacked and stolen when shopping online. If you own and use a bank issued credit or debit card, and in the circumstance that your information falls into the wrong hands, the monetary loss incurred may not just be problematic but devastating. Additionally, there is the risk of identity theft and the ensuing damage to your credit score that can occur with a stolen credit card. In case you may be planning to shop online, conveniently load a fixed quantity into your prepaid card. This ensure that if your information does get stolen, it’s likely that you will not have much money remaining.
Easier Travelling Using Prepaid Cards
Prepaid Visa cards are an exceptional payment solution for travelling. As mentioned above, they provide remarkable safety advantages and may also advert you from overspending on your pre-established budget. By using a prepaid card, you can emphasize on enjoying your vacation instead of being anxious about possible fraud and overspending.
No Interest Fees when using Prepaid Cards
Even if you manage to qualify for a conventional credit card, it is practically impossible to find one that doesn’t charge any additional interest or maintenance fees. Various cards may offer a limited-time, no-interest applied, opening period, but after that time is over, you will be bombarded with large interest rates once again. Using prepaid cards can save you a considerable amount of money by not getting charged with high interest rates every month.
No Credit Issues Using a Prepaid Card
Prepaid cards are made available to most customers wanting to use one, irrespective of whether their credit score is bad or non-existent. Your previous credit history is not relevant to your prepaid card application, as the money you will be spending is not a loan and is simply money that you have pre-loaded into your card. This function removes the risk of debt accumulation as you won’t be inviting charges and interest fees that you can’t pay back. In addition, the application process is often much faster and more convenient compared to a credit card where the wait for approval can take weeks to months.
Before looking at where to get a prepaid card, make sure you do your research so that you can know for sure that you are obtaining the best prepaid card available in the market.

The Best Things to Wear With Leggings, Jeggings and those Skinny Jeans

June 21st, 2017

Skinny pants, including leggings, jeggings, and skinny jeans, are a fashionable addition to any wardrobe and open up a world of possibilities for women to be stylish and comfortable. Lots of things go with skinny pants, but it can be overwhelming to find the right items with so many options available. Show your style with the best things to wear with those leggings and jeggings.

Chic High-Shafted Boots

It’s easy to turn a basic pair of skinny pants into something amazing with a good pair of high-shafted statement boots. Flat riding boots with a loose sweater and leggings makes a perfect outfit for running errands, or you can dress things up with heeled tall boots, jeggings, and a leather jacket for a chic outfit for a night out.

6b73f11fa8b2af5221da521526cc49f7.jpg (500×800)

Baggy Button-Down

One of the easiest ways to look put together is to pair your skinny pants with an oversized button-down shirt. Try a white or chambray shirt with light jeggings for a casual look, or wear a patterned button-down with dark skinny jeans and heels for a more office-appropriate outfit. It’s hard to go wrong with this combination, so play around with different tops and pants to find the perfect look that is effortlessly sophisticated.

690x1035_1_8114690035fffed017f50d40ebb960ea-2000x3000_0xc0a83925_1199730331460641096.jpeg (690×1035)

Basic T-shirt

Skinny pants can make even a simple t-shirt look stylish. Wearing a simple t-shirt or a graphic tee is a great way to show some personality while still be comfortable as you’re out and about. For an edgier look, try an oversized graphic t-shirt tucked into distressed skinny jeans with a denim jacket, or go for a plain t-shirt and fun leggings and tennis shoes for a stylish outfit for running around town.

30031422_7054.jpg (592×888)

Bright Blazer or Jacket

Even worn-in skinny pants can go to the next level with a great blazer. Adding a simple accessory can make the pants perfect for the office or just create a chic ensemble for a night out. A stylish blouse, classic pumps, and a tailored blazer work well with dark skinny jeans for a stylish office look, and an oversized sweater, bright blazer, and distressed jeggings can take the outfit out on the town. In general, try to pair bright blazers and jackets with darker washed pants for a more sophisticated look. The same idea also applies throughout the winter—a fun statement jacket can dress up any pair of skinny pants and make it appropriate for the season and stylish.

8052c31de26906e87a7af99b1f3e2c66.jpg (500×1015)

Comfortable Active Wear

Skinny pants don’t always have to be dressy—they also look great dressed down. Pair a running tank with leggings and tennis shoes for a comfortable athleisure look that can take you from running errands to running at the gym. An oversized hoodie and sneakers works great with jeggings to keep you comfortable and street stylish for just about any activity.

hbz-celebs-workout-spl978303_010.jpg (2000×3000)

Stylish Tunic

Some women are scared to wear shorter shirts with skinny pants, but tunics are the perfect flattering option that look great with all kinds of skinny pants. Tunics tend to hit around the mid-thigh and can be worn a number of ways. Try it with a belt and skinny jeans for a dressier look to highlight an hourglass figure, or wear a fun patterned tunic with leggings for a stylish look that is flexible and comfortable.

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Mini Dress

Part of the beauty of skinny pants is that they can extend many other items in your wardrobe, including shorter skirts and dresses. A short summer dress can be worn with leggings during the colder months—just add a cute pair of booties, a jacket, and a scarf to make it more appropriate for the season. Even a fancier dress can be made more casual by pairing it with leggings and flats or tennis shoes for a pulled together look that can take you anywhere.

dressy-tunic-and-leggings.jpg (548×1096)

When you know how to wear them, skinny pants can become a staple of your wardrobe and open your closet to many new clothing ideas. Get creative with what you wear with skinny pants and enjoy the comfort and style that comes from the pants.