10 Long Haul Flight Beauty Products All Women Should Pack

With the Easter holiday almost at an end, and with a whole weekend of glorious sunshine, now is the perfect time to talk Summer holidays, or, to be more specific, Summer holiday beauty. The Summer sun and the chance to top up our tans brings with it a whole new set of beauty dilemmas, particularly when it comes to what we should pack.

I personally believe that our holiday beauty should be split into two categories, based on what we should actually take on the plane with us to keep our skin soft and hydrated, particularly if we are taking a long haul flight, and then what we should have in our suitcase for when we get there.

On the plane

We are all aware that we have to be careful when packing beauty items for our hand luggage. All liquids must be kept to a maximum size of 100ml, and liquids also include make up items like mascara, lipstick and cream eyeshadows. All these fluids also need to be kept in a clear bag when they go through the scanner.

But even with all these things to keep in mind, you are able to take items onto the plane that will make sure you look as good when you descend, as you did when you embarked.

My essentials include:

  1. A spray facial hydrator. My skin becomes very dry and parched on any flight, but on a long haul flight this can be a real problem. Dry skin does not look healthy, so keeping it hydrated is a must. A spray hydrator usually gives your face that drink that can restore moisture and make your skin feel softer. You can spray it as often as you need to refresh and revive.
  2. Lip balm. My lips are another part of my body that suffers on long haul flights, often becoming cracked and sore. Applying a lip balm will prevent your lips from cracking as it again adds much needed moisture to the surface. A flavoured balm can be fun, but you may decide to opt for a classic like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour lip balm or Vaseline Lip Therapy.
  3. A small bottle of make up remover. Many women swear by removing all their make up once they are on a long haul flight, especially if they are planning on sleeping during the flight. No one wants to wake up looking like a member of Kiss when they are flying, so it might be a good idea to get a travel size bottle of something gentle, like a baby lotion.
  4. A travel size mascara and lippie. Once you arrive, you can add the barest minimum of make up to your hydrated skin and will look good to face passport control.
  5. Body Spray, again, you will be able to freshen up when you arrive at your destination.

In the resort

Once you arrive in the resort, there will be lots of products you have carried in your suitcase, but I am just going to concentrate on the five I never travel without.

  1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. This is my number 1 miracle product, something I have used for years and never travel without. Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream can be used on sunburn and dry skin, on sore lips as a balm, on cheekbones to add shine, and on the face as a moisturiser. It is brilliant and iconic and no woman should be without it.
  2. Dry Shampoo. You may choose to wash your hair every single day when you are on holiday, but you may want to be more relaxed. A decent dry shampoo can add a little shine and bounce to unwashed hair, perfect if you are heading to the beach and know that it will need washing again anyway by the end of the day.
  3. A Summer fragrance. Your usual perfumes may be just too heavy for the warmer climes and your wardrobe, so a good airport buy could be a Summer version of your favourite. I love Clarins fragrances that actually smell like all the most glorious suntan creams…
  4. And speaking of suntan lotions…This shouldn’t even need to be mentioned. A good suntan lotion with a high SPF is an absolute must. I quite like the lotions that only need applying once a day, as these are practical and effective. If you use any other sort of lotion, remember to apply it regularly, especially after you have been in the sea or swimming pool.
  5. Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera is one of the most effective forms of relief for the skin after a day in the sun. It soaks into the skin easily and it is natural, and is particularly good if you have overdone it in the sun as it has soothing, healing properties.