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Flight Delay – Could You Claim Compensation?

This Autumn has proven to be a miserable time for travelers. Thousands of flights that have been booked and paid for have been cancelled in the Ryanair fiasco, with holidays ruined and families left disappointed. Whether Ryanair’s issues have been caused by pilots leaving to work for a rival company, working their alloted flying hours already or by pilots taking holidays, the truth is that it is their customers who have been treated shoddily and had holidays that had been worked hard for destroyed by a companies ineptness.

Flight delays and cancellations are the scourge of modern day holidays. I have been lucky that the longest delay I have yet to encounter has only been for a few hours, but when you have tired children in tow, very little money left after your hols and overflowing airports where finding a seat would be a luxury, even this can be a nightmare. Many people don’t realise that if your flight is delayed by three hours or more, you can be entitled to compensation that can range from £250 – £600 per person. As long as you have a valid reservation for the flight and arrived at the departure airport in time for check-in, then the fault is not yours and you could have a valid claim.

If you think you could be entitled to compensation, whether it be for a flight that has been delayed, diverted, cancelled, or even overbooked, then you could find out more with Flight Delay Claims 4U. They have a wealth of experience in winning compensation for air travelers, and operate a no win, no fee claim system, and have a 98% success rate in court.

Close-Up of an international airport board panel with all flights delayed

Finding out if you have the right to claim is very simple, you just need to fill in a few key details including flight date and departure number, along with some contact details, and then a representative will get back to you.

Remember, the law sets out to provide guidelines for EU flight delay compensation. A passenger is entitled to make a claim for compensation if the flight is delayed by 3 hours or more, unless it is due to ‘extraordinary circumstances’. So don’t accept shoddy service – you have paid for it, after all.


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