12 Baby Clothing Essentials For Cooler Weather

Cooler weather is fast approaching, and it’s time to trade baby’s swimsuits and sundresses for coats and cardigans. Luckily, there’s nothing cuter — or safer — than a baby bundled in bunting in the winter! Whether you’re a new parent or an old pro, it’s a good idea to go through your little one’s closet and make sure they’ve got everything they need to withstand chilly temps, no matter if you’re staying in to hibernate or plan on braving the cold. The list below will help you determine what baby apparel is actually necessary during the winter.

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  • Soft Sweaters — Don’t miss your chance to bundle your bundle in an adorable baby girl sweater this season! Sweaters are a great way to keep your baby toasty and stylish without too much effort. Choose soft cardigans or pullovers made of breathable materials that keep your baby warm but don’t restrict airflow. This will help ensure that the baby doesn’t get too hot and will also allow you to layer comfortably beneath coats.
  • A Car Blanket — As you probably already know, you should never let your little one wear a bulky sweater or coat in her car seat. Safety experts say this is because the thick padding could flatten out from force during an accident, leaving extra space under the harness. This could allow a child to slip through the straps and be thrown from the seat. Instead, keep a warm blanket or coat in the car to drape over your baby once she’s strapped in.
  • A Winter Coat — Whether draped over your sweetie in the car or worn to the sled hill, a winter coat is crucial to keeping your baby warm when temps dip low. Choose a puffy (and warm) yet lightweight winter coat with a hood to trap in heat from head to toe. If you live somewhere especially cold, you may also want to invest in a baby snowsuit that keeps your mini-me nice and warm even in sub-zero temps.
  • Mittens — Every child in the Northern Hemisphere needs her own pair of toasty mittens! Not only will they help keep the baby’s hands warm when outside or in the car, but they’ll also prevent her from scratching herself with sharp nails. Fleece and cotton are great choices for your baby’s first pair of mittens because they’re soft yet breathable.
  • Booties — Just like mittens, a pair of warm booties are essential for babies who live in colder climates. Booties keep little tootsies toasty and are much more comfortable than boots for long car rides, playdates and daycare. In fact, if your little one isn’t walking yet, we’d recommend skipping the winter shoes altogether unless you’re taking the baby outside. A pair of thick, warm booties with warm socks will be sufficient enough for many winter adventures!

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  • Hats — No, we don’t lose over half of our body heat through our heads. That’s a well-disproven myth. However, the head accounts for a large amount of exposed surface area for the baby, and keeping it warm is absolutely critical. Make sure to put your baby in a cozy beanie or winter hat every time you leave the house when it’s chilly out.
  • Socks — You’re going to need lots of socks to layer beneath your sweetie’s booties and winter boots. Make sure to have a variety of sock styles available, including thick, winter socks and styles that are thinner and more breathable for those in-between days in the spring and fall.
  • Warm Sleep Sacks — Don’t forget to bundle up your baby for bedtime! You want to make sure you do it according to the latest safety standards for baby sleepwear. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends letting your baby sleep in a warm sleep sack or wearable blanket that covers the whole body and not the head. The AAP advises that you can also use warm layers of clothing to keep the baby toasty. However you dress them for sleep, make sure to choose properly fitting garments for safe sleep.
  • Footie Pajamas — For lounging around the house or visiting with family, there’s nothing comfier than a pair of baby footie pajamas. These staples are made of super-soft, warm materials and keep your little one warm from neck to toe. Create coordinated outfit sets with matching hats for a truly cozy outfit.
  •  Long-Sleeved Shirts — There’s no shortage of cute baby boy clothes and girls’ styles for casual winter wear. Make sure to start off with a solid stash of long-sleeved shirts to pair with jeans or leggings in the winter. If you’re using their long-sleeved tops as a base layer beneath coats and jackets, be sure to choose warm but thin layers that won’t add bulk or leave the baby sweating. 
  • Long-Sleeved Bodysuits — Long-sleeved onesies are essential for hanging out at home during the winter and pairing with cute jeans and leggings. Make sure to choose styles made of warm yet breathable fabric so you can easily layer pieces while keeping your little one comfy.

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  •  Leg Warmers — Layer up the baby’s bottom half with a pair of thick baby leg warmers that slide right over her leggings or tights. These are perfect for adding warmth without the muss and fuss of a whole extra layer that you’ll constantly have to remove during diaper changes. Plus, they come in so many cute styles to match special outfits and holidays!

In addition to the piles of warm and cute baby girl clothes, it’s a good idea to consider some other key things you need to keep your sweetie safe and toasty in the cold-weather months. Consider supplementing vitamin D with D3 droplets to help make up for the lack of sunshine. You may also want to invest in a space heater and humidifier in your baby’s room to ensure that she sleeps soundly year-round.

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