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4 Popular ways to make a traditional recipe unique

People love to have many options and that includes with regards to food. People are always enticed by the idea of something new. Finding a variety of choices of food perfectly satisfies people’s gastronomic cravings for whatever season. This is why innovation is an important thing in the food business. Traditional recipes are always reinvented to introduce something new to the taste buds.

When you are cooking for yourself or for others, you kind of want to make something unique, but at the same time familiar. If you are looking for something like that, here are four popular ways on how to make a traditional recipe unique.

  1. Experiment with herbs and spices.

There is a reason why the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, came looking for spices. Spices make food even tastier than it already is. There are a lot of them and thankfully, we are now in the age where getting them is so much easier. That is why; if you want to make a traditional recipe even more unique, try experimenting with spices. For instance, a classic roast chicken can taste so much better if you add some herbs and spices such as thyme, for example. Try out different spices to classic dishes that you are familiar with and you might be surprised, you will find something new to your taste buds.


  1. Level up your garnish.

Garnish makes food even more beautiful. Looks and presentation matter when it comes to introducing food. It can heighten once appetite and makes people appreciate what you are cooking. In order to make a traditional recipe even more appealing, level up your garnish and make it something unique. Do it with your own creativity to add a personal touch to your food. Even a simple combination of carrots, red and green bell peppers, and onions placed on top of your dish can make a huge difference in a dish.

  1. Add more color and edible designs.

Just like the one mentioned above, presentation matters. And even if you are making a traditional vanilla cupcake recipe, you can make it even more unique if you add in some colors and edible designs to it. Say, for example, you can add in some different food coloring to your cupcake mix before baking them and after they are baked, you can sprinkle them with edible and sparkly glitters. You can also draw some designs using edible pens. There is so much you can do to make a dessert or any dish unique by adding some splash of your creativity.

  1. Mix in different cuisines in one dish.

Mixing in different cuisines in one dish is a perfect way to recreate a traditional recipe. Most of the restaurants all over the world are now adapting to that idea to attract more people from different parts of the world. For instance, you can prepare traditional Italian dishes such as spaghetti and pizza with an Asian twist. Thus, you are creating a new kind of recipe by simply mixing in two different cuisines in one dish.

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