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4 Quick Ways To Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior

Harsh weather combined with general wear and tear can leave your home’s exterior looking less than impressive. And if you don’t have the luxury of time or a large budget then you may feel there’s nothing you can do about it. But in fact, a few little improvements can make all the difference. Perfect Exteriors, an exterior remodeling contractor in Minnesota, are available to give you lots of hints and tips on improving the exterior of your home, as well as giving you expert renovations.

Here are some of the main ways to spruce up the outside of your home.

Swap the doors

The doors to your home contribute a great deal to the exterior. With new doors making it look cared for and characterful. And it’s not simply your front door. The garage door and any side or back doors have a large impact on the exterior too. 

An attractive front door is an instant winner in terms of sprucing up your exterior. It’ll improve your entrance and welcome guests, creating the right first impression. Get your doors installed by Family Christian Doors specialists. So, not only is the hard work done for you and is guaranteed but it ensures they’re secure. Specialists will help you pick a style and material that suits your home and personal taste too.

Replacing your garage door can be expensive if you’re going for a high-quality product that’s professionally fitted, especially if you fancy an automated opening. But as your garage door is highly visible, it will certainly improve your exterior. And it will help maintain your home’s value too.

However, if your budget doesn’t stretch to new doors, don’t ignore them. You can still give them a good clean, a new coat of paint or some updated hardware to tidy them up.

Dress the windows to impress

Paying a bit of attention to the windows is the next quick way to spruce up your exterior. Many of us have already upgraded our windows to double glazing in recent years. However, this doesn’t mean your job is done. 

Windows get dirty very quickly and as many of us have white frames, these can start to look grubby after a spell of bad weather or if they’re facing a busy road. Booking a window cleaner to visit regularly is the easiest option. But you may prefer to clean them yourself to save money.

And if you fancy making your windows look even smarter and brighter, then dress them to impress. Add tiebacks to curtains and fix any broken blinds, as these can be seen both inside and out. If you have wide ledges, think about adding window boxes. Alternatively, grow climbing shrubs around the lower windows to add natural decoration to a plain exterior. If you like to dress the outside of your home for special occasions like the World Cup and the Jubilee, you could also add a flagpole so that you could ‘fly the flag’.

Spruce up pathways and driveways

Because paths and driveways are hard surfaces, it can be hard to make them look attractive. But seasonal cleaning and regular weeding is a simple way to keep them tidy.

Of course, this isn’t always enough to give them a proper spruce up. Small repairs such as replacing broken slabs and topping up depleted gravel will help renew shabby hardscaping. Cracked concrete and tarmac surfaces can also be cleaned out, filled and sealed to save you needing to replace the entire driveway. If this is still not enough, it is worth investing in asphalt driveway installation in order to completely transform the look of your front driveway.

But this alone may not give you the pretty exterior you crave. So, look to increase your natural planting either side of your driveways and pathways, to add colour and softer textures. Use natural borders and raised planters to add pretty perennials, evergreens and bright bedding plants to your home’s exterior. Even small spaces can be enhanced with a few well-maintained plant pots. 

Hide away unsightly stuff

Repairs and good maintenance will quickly get your home’s exterior in pretty good shape. But you may notice one or two things are letting it down. We all have one or two unsightly objects, such as bins, rusting satellite dishes or old aerials that are just plain ugly.

A local handyperson should be able to remove unused features such as aerials without too much trouble. For items you can’t remove – such as bins – try hiding them away. A wooden store or decorative screening is ideal for hiding ugly wheelie and recycling bins. 

If you have a rusting satellite dish, this not only looks terrible but stains walls. If you still use a dish, see if you can get it moved, so it’s tucked out of sight. Or find an installer who can replace it with a fibreglass version that won’t rust.

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