5 Decorating Ideas For Moving Into Your New Place

First, congrats on your new place! Ok, now let’s get to it. Now that you are all moved in, it’s time to make your house a home. And part of making that happen is with decorating! Since our places have now become our home, school, gym, office, and every other place we used to go, it’s important to really try to create a space you are happy, comfortable, and relaxed in. With just a few small things you can make that happen. Alright, here we go. Look out HGTV, here you come.

A Scented Candle

It’s good to get a candle to start out in your new place with a fresh scent (and it will help to get that previous tenant smell out of the air). Wishes Candle Co. creates candles with a pin in them. So, you get a candle and a surprise pin once you have burned it! They have so many welcoming, scented candles.  But they don’t just stop there. They also have room sprays, aroma oils, and wax melts and warmers. A new scent will be such an amazing added bonus to help you feel at home! Plus, did we mention that most of their scents are inspired by scents you would smell at a Disney Park? Yes, that means you can smell churros, beignets, and pineapple whip even when you aren’t in a theme park.

New Glasses

We know you love the mish mosh of cups you have been collecting over the years. But we think it’s time to get at least a few that match, do their job properly, and are beautiful all at the same time. Corkcicle has the best stemless and flute glasses that will keep your drinks cold through all your unpacking nightmares. These are not ones that you will want to hide away in the cabinet. You will want to keep these out on your bar cart. They are the perfect option for your favorite wine or cocktail, or you can use them for every drink like we do.

Custom Canvases

A new place means closing an old chapter of your life, but that doesn’t mean all the memories stay in the past. A great way to take your best memories from your last place to your new place is to create canvas pictures to adorn your walls! Of course, you aren’t limited to only the past few years of pictures, you can use a photo from your most recent family photoshoot, a picture of your parents, or a maybe even scan in your kiddos newest piece of artwork and print that! The possibilities are endless when it comes to Canvas People, you can print it all.

A new couch

A new couch from Burrow will give your new place an entirely new feel. And believe us when we say this will be the easiest couch to put together (and to move), you have ever laid on. They are built nomad style. Meaning you can take them apart piece by piece to be able to move them easily, add more pieces, and rearrange within just a few minutes. Plus, they are handcrafted from sturdy, sustainably sourced hardwood, and scratch and stain-resistant non-toxic fabrics. With Burrow, you just can’t go wrong. 

Acrylic Tray

We’re sure you already have your perfect coffee table, so why not get a piece to enhance the beauty of it! An acrylic tray from Gray Malin shows off his photography pieces, in a place that will be seen every time you are in your living room. It will also help to get you in the habit of keeping things in their proper place (remotes, lighter for your new candle, coasters, etc.). And maybe now you will finally be able to keep tabs on that pesky Apple TV remote!

These of course are only a few ideas to be able to make your place a little homier. We hope you aren’t afraid to do what it takes to make your places yours. Ooo ooo! Don’t forget, with the changing of seasons, it is the perfect time to try out new recipes in your new place. Enjoy and welcome home!