5 Ways To Make Distance Learning Easier For The Whole Family

After a difficult stay-at-home spring, families were hopeful that the new school year would bring a return to normal. Unfortunately, the virus has delayed that, as parents decided whether in-person learning is the right choice, if it is even offered. Most people have had to face the fact, at least for now, distance learning may be the only alternative, and to make it work, they may want to consider alternatives such as focus medication for kids. How do you help your children adjust to virtual class time and the emotional toil that goes with it? These five tips can help you and the kids keep a positive attitude this school year.

Boost Your Wi-Fi

With children distance learning and parents working from home, bandwidth in communities can only handle so much. It may be time to upgrade to faster internet service or add a new router to maximize your Wi-Fi connection. Make the investment to lessen the frustration of all family members who rely on the internet for daily tasks.

Get Organized

Create a dedicated space for your children to attend their virtual classes and do their schoolwork. Then, take it a step further by learning more about what platforms the school uses. Familiarize yourself with online tools so that you can troubleshoot if your child has a problem. Don’t forget to record user IDs and passwords in one location for fast access when you need it. You can imagine the challenge of staying on top of passwords for multiple children in one family.

Stay Healthy

With more unknowns, children may worry about how to interact with friends or learn in a less-than-ideal environment. Make sure that time outside of schoolwork includes healthy habits such as regular exercise, nutritious foods, and good sleep patterns. You may even want to try kids sleep meditation to help your children settle down at the end of a long and confusing day. Self-care is so important to handling life when things seem out of control, even for younger ones who may not fully grasp why school looks different this year.

Reach Out for Help

If it takes a village to raise a child, imagine the support you need during a pandemic. Ask for support, from talking to your children’s teachers about any problems you have noticed to finding other family members who may be more familiar with higher-level math or science. If your children are having trouble coping with the changes, talk to a pediatrician for advice or look into non-prescription medicine for anxiety if the adjustment is not progressing as it should.

Keep It Fun

Remember that children grown up so fast. Let them be kids in a safe, supportive, constructive way. Give them opportunities to be silly and get moving and feel that unconditional love, especially when you may be struggling yourself with this new normal. Whether you travel virtually to favorite beaches or amusement parks or institute game and movie nights, make a part of each day feel special or lighthearted to get a break from the pandemic when you can.

Find some patience and grace when supporting kids of all ages with distance learning. It is not ideal, but with a little effort and understanding, you can make it work for your family. After all, this is what the family stands for.

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