Estrid – The Vegan Razor Is Here

One of the banes of being a women is the need to shave. Let’s be honest ladies, we shave – A LOT. In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about the fact that women seem to be paying a lot more than men for their shaving products, in particular for their razors, which leads many women just to buy the men’s products. This really shouldn’t be the case, but it is.

New Scandinavian razor brand Estrid are trying to stop this with their subscription style service. They are trying to create the world’s best shaving experience, by which they mean easy hair removal, with an attractive vegan product, at an affordable price.

Estrid say:

Hair removal should be optional. Great hair removal shouldn’t. That’s why we’ve created Estrid — a (vegan) 5-blade razor, specifically designed for those of us who believe that the hair removal process should be a pain-free affair on the skin, the wallet and for the planet.

The products are just beautiful. The razor itself comes in a range of pretty colours and with a holder that means you can stick it safely on a wall in the shower, or by the side of your bath. The starter kit comes with two extra cartridges and the wall holder, all for just £7.95, and it is beautifully boxed, which makes it a lovely present, maybe for a girl who has only just started shaving.

The razor itself has 5 blades for a closer, smoother finish and is also kind to your skin, even if it is sensitive as it is encased in cocoa butter, aloe vera & shea butter. Signing up for the package gives you 4 extra blades for £9.95, and you decide how regularly you want them delivered, and this can be cancelled any time you want to.

In addition, if you use the code EQUALITY, for every razor you buy, Estrid will make a 1 euro donation for every purchase with that code to the organisation Fawcett Society. The Fawcett Society is the Uk’s leading membership charity working for gender equality and women’s rights at work, at home and in public life since 1866.

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