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Introducing The Viking Shaving Club

If you ask most modern men what is the bane of their life, especially when it comes to male grooming, I’m sure they would say that shaving would be way up there in the list of male problems. Many men have to shave every single day, with some men needing to tackle the five o clock shadow during both the am and pm. Even the new trend for beards has not eased the need for shaving – the new beard styles are well groomed, sculpted and styled – they need as much attention from the razor as a regular bare-faced look. For men, this means always having shaving equipment on hand. Which is why a delivery, subscription service like The Viking Shaving Club is such a wonderful, time-saving and convenient service for all those who like to use a classic razor blade rather than an electric shaver.


The Viking Shaving Club is a company that aims to make shaving a little simpler. It offers a subscription service providing high-quality nordic-designed razors for a super reasonable price. The customer decides on the frequency of their delivery, dependent, of course, on who often you shave. With your first order you receive 4-5 blades plus your choice of handle, with the choices being ‘The Guard’ (1 euro plus shipping per month), The Viking – a black metal handle (5 euros plus shipping per month), and the elegant and stylish ‘The King’ (10 euros per month with free shipping). The King comes with 5 blades, The Guard and The Viking with 4.  All choices have an Aloe Vera Lubricating strip making them suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. After your initial order has delivered the handle, each order will deliver you new blades.


How it works – The King package.


The Viking Shaving Club currently delivers within Europe and is expanding it’s market all the time. Current reviewers all comment on just how stylish these razors look when compared to the plastic razors that dominate the High Street Outlets. There is no membership fee, so you can cancel your subscription any time you wish too, although as this is so convenient – razors delivered to your door that are actually cheaper than the High Street, that I can honestly not see why you would want to cancel.

Modern, stylish, affordable and easy to use, The Viking Shaving Club is offering you the smoothest of shaves without the hassle of having to remember those new blades. I think this is a brilliant idea and one of the best subscription services around.

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