8 Tips To Hold A Stellar Birthday Party For A 5-Year-Old

Every birthday for your child is a fun and one-of-a-kind experience. But right around the age of five, your kid starts to become interested in their own party and capable of having a real birthday bash. They might want to invite some friends from school or participate in some activities.

New parents are often overwhelmed when trying to put together fun birthday parties for their five-year-olds. Here are some tips for holding a great five-year-old’s birthday party without giving yourself a headache!

Choose a Party Theme

First, you’ll want to choose the right theme for your five-year-old birthday party. At this age, lots of kids enjoy having themed parties, with each year including a different theme or focus. For example, you can have the party’s theme be about a recent Disney movie, your child’s current interest, or their favorite activity, like racing or sports.

Whip Up Interesting Birthday Invites

After you’ve chosen the right theme for your five-year-old’s birthday party, create birthday invitations so they can hand them out to their friends at school (and so you can hand them to those friends’ parents). Birthday invitations can be exciting for the kids and help parents remember the date so everyone arrives on time.

Not a graphic designer? Not a problem. You can create your own birthday invitations using easy birthday invite templates on PosterMyWall. 

Prep the Food and Drop-Off/Pickup Times Beforehand

Make no mistake, five-year-old birthday parties are likely to be full of high-energy children who want to do something active. That means you should plan out what they’ll eat and what they’ll do beforehand.

Once you have a full guest list:

  • Go to the grocery store and buy all the food you’ll need. It might pay to have a few extras in terms of hot dogs or chips just in case
  • Come up with some fun game ideas outdoors. Examples include races, squirt guns, tree house climbing, and so on
  • Decide early on how long the party will last so parents know when to come pick up their kids

Play Plenty of Games

When the first guests arrive, direct them outside or give an indoor tour of the playing area and have them get started with some games. Younger kids benefit from structure and direction; if you let them run wild all over the house or backyard, don’t be surprised when a mess appears! 

Use Outdoor Space

If you have a backyard, plan to use it! Outdoor spaces are great for five-year-old birthday parties. If you don’t have a backyard at your home, consider holding the party at a local park with picnic tables. The more space young kids have to run around, the better. 

Schedule a Family Collage Presentation

At this age, many parents find it fun and rewarding to create a family collage highlighting the best moments of their child’s life up till now. A collage gives everyone a chance to calm down from outdoor games or activities and pass out cake and ice cream before things ramp back up into high energy.

Luckily, collage maker tools from PosterMyWall you to put together pictures and short videos to highlight the most important moments of your little boy or girl’s life so far. Birthday parties can be fun for parents, too!

Offer Candy and Cake Early

Speaking of handing out cake, it’s a good idea to pass around cake and candy to the kids earlier rather than later or toward the end of the party. Why?

Simply put, all that cake and candy will quickly boost the energy levels of all the younger party attendees. If you give them cake and ice cream early, a lot of that energy will burn out around the same time parents come back to pick up their kids or when the party is winding down.

That means you’ll have an easier time picking up after everything and getting everyone home safely. For example, if you plan to hold the birthday party from noon to 6 PM, give the kids cake and ice cream around 2 PM or 3 PM at the latest. 

Have a Dedicated Present Unwrapping Time

Lastly, keep with the above theme of structure and planning and have a dedicated time for your five-year-old to unwrap their presents. This can coincide with cake and ice cream time or just after the family collage mentioned earlier. In any case, having a dedicated time to unwrap presents redirects everyone’s attention, making it all the more special for your little one when they see all the great gifts they’ve received.

Holding a successful birthday party for a five-year-old is quite tough! But it’s more than possible with the right planning and tools.

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