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A Guide for Moms and Dads – Summer Campers’ Essentials



Summer camp can be a tough time for parents. There are many options available for the campers and if you select a sleep away option, the following summer campers packing list will guide you:


This is essential. Your kids will not be able to clean up their dirty laundry. This means that you must pack enough sets of clothes to last through the camp’s duration.  Extra underwear, socks, shorts and t-shirts should be packed in boxes or bags.

You will also need to get your child a storage unit for dirty laundry. You can use a labelled plastic bag with handles or draw sticks.

Camping gear storage box

Camping means a lot of gear for camping and sporting. You can contact your local storage company and they will give you suitable solutions for keeping the camping gear. A closet will be suitable for keeping all the gear as well as a part for hanging clothes. This reduces the hassle of mixing clothes and wearing the dirty clothes with the clean ones.

The lower part of the storage closet can be used for storing sneakers and sandals. This will ensure order for your child. There are many closetbox locations around the different states and you can get a self-storage closet from them.

Sun Screening items

Protection from harmful UV radiation is very important for your kid(s). The sun will be all out in summer and this requires extra protection. Packing a cap is also important for the children as they constantly forget to apply sunscreen, especially on their hair and heads.


Even though this will be mentioned in the camping list of requirements, a reminder is worthy. Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and floss should be included in the list. Swimming costumes and towels should also be included. Packing these in smaller storage boxes will make access easy and they will not have to jumble through everything in the bag.

Ladies sanitary products (if necessary) and also deodorant should be packed.

Bug Protection

Crawling insects are creepy and will scare kids away; therefore, you should pack insect repellants. This will also keep mosquitoes away, preventing inflammations from mites. The non-aerosol bug repellant should be safe for use by kids because they are harmless if mishandled or misused.


Even though children give many excuses not to read, the summer camp will have a few rainy days and reading will be a good exercise for them. A book or two should be in the camping gear list.


Preventive medication is necessary. You should also pack medications for sickly children. For instance, extra inhalers for your asthmatic child will be necessary. Just ensure that you communicate with the teachers and caretakers at the camp.

Finally, you should include a spotlight, extra set of batteries and beddings or sleeping bags if necessary.


In conclusion, your child could enjoy the camp or not. However, ensure these items are packed in good-quality storage boxes that make retrieval of items simple. This could also be a good time for you to remodel the kid’s bathroom or bedrooms. Contact your local storage company for offsite storage units as the work is done before the kids get back. Small room storage resources will be made available for the items.

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