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Octer – The online marketplace

I love shopping. If it can be classed as a hobby, then it would certainly be mine. I’m happy to spend hours walking around shops, either looking for exactly what I want, or just doing a bit of window shopping. I also love online shopping, finding the sort of unusual stuff that you only seem to be able to find at online boutiques, or enjoying the bargains that come when you use voucher codes sites or sign up to brand emails. Yes, shopping makes me happy.

But many people hate shopping, finding it a chore. Even searching online is something that takes a lot of time and effort, trying to find the exact thing that you want might take hours of trawling different websites until you find something that suits. Octer, the unique online marketplace and app, may just be the answer to this problem – a godsend to clothes shoppers everywhere.

       ” Octer is a unique marketplace of the biggest UK stores where you can shop departments or shop by store. From fashion to gadgets we instantly compare thousands of brands and show you the nearest matches; so you’ll always get the perfect style & price and discover products from stores you hadn’t considered before.”

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Octer is a new way of shopping. Sourcing everything from clothing from men, women and children, to interiors and beauty, Octer looks for what you want, sourcing numerous examples from around the web, and then presenting them in list form so you can go directly to the website to make your purchase. One real positive is just how detailed your search can be tailored – i.e. when searching for a dress you can filter to a mini, midi or maxi design, and can also be filtered for work or party wear, a-line or skater style, or even just to a specific store. Octer will then show you a range of designs from all over the internet, and you can then shop your pick, stress free.


If the thought of shopping brings you out in hives, I would definitely recommend you check out the service Octer offers. You get to see the best the internet has to offer, without the stress or legwork of traditional shopping.

Welcome to the world of fashion-mommy, a world of fashion, lifestyle, theatre and fun. Enjoy the ride.


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