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When it comes to choosing Christmas gifts, there are some people for whom the word ‘Difficult’ was created. The sort of person who has plenty of clothes and doesn’t want anymore, doesn’t wear perfume or aftershave, doesn’t read…or eat chocolate, frankly the sort of person who has you bashing your head against a brick wall in frustration. The website ‘Gifts with Style’ may just have been founded with these people in mind.

Gifts with Style has a great range of unusual and practical gift ideas that may just appeal to those who are hard to buy for. One of their key gift ideas this season is the Metallic Red Lexon Flip Alarm clock, which is now considered by many to be the world’s best alarm clock. This Red Dot design award winning product from British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright, is perfect for travel, for young children who are just learning the time and setting their own alarms, and for those who are totally fed up with trying to bang the off key in order to get an extra five minutes in bed…and failing miserably as the alarm wakes the whole street up.


Lexon flip alarm clock £28.95 Click to visit Gifts with Style


The concept for this clock is so simple. One side of the clock says ‘on’. You set your alarm and have this side facing upwards and your alarm is then ready to wake you up in the morning. When it goes off, you simply turn it over and now the clock is off and ‘off’ is now facing upwards. I have been using this with my little boy who is almost 8 and he finds it very easy to set and use.


The clock comes in a range of colours, but vibrant red is such a great Christmas idea. The ABS rubber is soft and lightweight which makes it great for travel (no more having to book wake up calls) and also really safe – if you drop it it will more than likely bounce than break.  The Lexon Flip Alarm clock may just be the present that solves those hard to buy for problems.

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3 thoughts on “A Practical Present from Gifts with Style

  1. Great idea!! Never would have crossed my mind to gift an alarm.clock but, actually, you’ve got a really good point. Stylish and practical. Winning!

  2. This is such a great present! To be honest, alarms are dangerous for me. I’ll switch them off, then go back to sleep! But this is so good for people who do use them 🙂

  3. That’s a cool alarm clock! Not sure it’s something I’d use as my bedside table is cluttered and I’d knock something over, but be great for more organized folks.

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