Advice on and advantages of buying a used car

Being a parent means you have got to be a budgeting ninja! You have to plan ahead, have emergency plans in place and be money savvy – if you can save on something, do it! A significant expense but often argued as a necessity is a family car – it’s a hefty purchase, but there are ways to save significantly save some money. 

Sell Your Old Car

Free as much money as you can to extend your budget, and this means getting the best price for your old car. You could get a deal if you part exchange your car, or you my find more if you sell privately. Even if you think your old car is worthless, or if it has been involved in a crash,  there are companies that will give you something even if your car is a total wreck.


Before making the purchase research your options. Not only research the car type that would be the best fit for your needs but also look into different brands and dealerships.  When purchasing a used car, this is especially important. 

You know what they say about cars salesmen… When you have settled on a model, look into different car dealerships as with used cars the prices may vary significantly between different dealerships. It’s advisable to use this to your advantage when negotiating the final price. 

Don’t feel restricted to only your geographical area, chances are used cars Aberdeen has a better offer than used cars in Edinburgh, for example. This often has to do with the city you’re based at, if the expenses of running a business in your area are higher (usually is the case in bigger cities), then the prices will be higher too – after all, they’ve got to make a profit. 

Used holds better value

When you buy a brand new vehicle, it loses its value rapidly starting from the first time it’s driven, this is due to depreciation. New car’s value falls overtime versus used vehicles are much better at holding their value over time. Because of this, there are wide ranges of used cars available. Thus it allows you to find the best fit for your needs. 

Take it home right away

One of the better advantages, often forgotten, is that when buying a used car, it’s yours there and then. There no waiting for the car to be delivered from another dealership, you can test drive it the same day you purchase your vehicle and take it home. If you are in a pinch and require a new replacement vehicle quickly – going used is the way!

This won’t affect your insurance

The price of your insurance is affected by two factors:

  1. your past driving history;
  2. type of car.

It’s not necessarily that your insurance will be higher if you buy a used car. Opting for a newer model sometimes means safer, which might help with your insurance quote. It’s good practice to request an insurance quote before making a purchase, especially if you’re buying a used car as a means to save a bit of money.  

Whatever your choice is, the used car route is more affordable, accessible and time-effective. The financial savings of buying used are hard to look past.


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