An Afternoon At Bay Hair And Beauty

On Tuesday I enjoyed a much needed pamper session at Bay Hair and Beauty. The Walsall based salon established by Kim Dorman, offers treatments that go from head to toe, from hair and nails to facials, waxing and Botox, all within the confines of a luxurious, stunning building. I was there for a facial, a lash lift and a cut and blow dry with an Olaplex treatment, and left feeling like a new woman.

The salon is a large spacious area, but has separate rooms for spa style treatments. My facial was with Hayley, and was an Eve Taylor facial that uses products that are described as affordable guilty free aromatherapy, containing no parabans, artificial colours or fragrances. Instead what you get is ingredients like essential oils and plant based extracts like Aloe Vera, which not only smell divine, but are also gentle on the skin and actually work miracles.

My facial combined deep cleansing of the full face, including an eye and lip cleanse, exfoliation to remove those blackheads dead skin cells that leave your skin looking dull and listless, a balancing masque (the point at which I almost fell asleep as I was so relaxed) and then toning and moisturising. My skin was left glowing, feeling soft and renewed, and looking far healthier than it did when I entered the salon. I was also impressed with the fact that I have not had any skin breakouts since having the facial, something that has happened after previous facials.

Lash Lift

Following the facial I had my first experience of a lash lift. Why have I waited so long? This is actually a treatment that was made for me, someone who has thin, and very light eye lashes that I constantly coat in acres of black mascara.

A lash lift individually lifts each lash using a silicon pad,  to add an appearance of volume to lashes. A tint is then added to make lashes really stand out, making eyes look more open. This is a fantastic idea when you are going on holiday and want to go in the pool or on the beach without having to resort to the waterproof mascara. The lift lasts about 6 weeks, and takes around 30 minutes.

I was stunned by the results – I haven’t had to wear mascara since I’ve had it done, but you can add mascara to make the effect even more striking. I am totally converted to this treatment, for £25 it is an affordable treat that makes your eyes really pop.

New Lashes!


After my face and eyes had been sorted so brilliantly by Hayley, it was over to Sarah for my hair. Now, I am the first to admit my hair was not in the best of conditions – in need of a good cut, colour and heat damaged from years of hair dryers and home dye kits, but the Olaplex treatment that Sarah used on my hair was all about repairing the broken bonds in your hair that add volume and shine.

Sarah is really knowledgeable about the treatment, describing it as a service for your hair, and something you can have at any time, even if you are not having a cut or a colour. I had the treatment and could feel an immediate difference to my hair, it actually looked thicker and felt as silky as it ever as.

Sarah also gave my hair a cut and a bit of a restyle. She listened to what I wanted and made suggestions about length, where to have my parting and what we could do to make my hair look its best. I was so happy with the final result, it was exactly what I was hoping for.

New hair, lashes and glowing skin…plus a touch of lipstick.

Bay Hair and Beauty is based at 160 Broad Lane, Bloxwich, WS3 2TQ

Tel: 01922 407713

Mob: 07976 736844

You can visit their website here

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