Annabelle Neilson launches The Me Me Me’s

The model and socialite (and Kate Moss bestie) Annabelle Neilson is about to add another string to an already impressive bow with the launch of her children’s book series. Entitled The Me Me Me’s and starting with a little red character ‘Angry Me’, Annabelle is leaving the fashion world far behind and is instead delving into the world of often volatile children’s emotions.


1693_960nThe Me Me Me’s series is appearing at a perfect time, with the film ‘Inside Out’ showing the wide range of feelings and emotions that children are sometimes unable to express in their own words. ‘Angry Me’ is all about a little red character of who struggles to contain his anger. But Mellow Yellow, the constant voice of calm in the series, is there to reassure and guide Angry Me. The message is we are never alone, there is always a friend to listen and help us, no matter what is happening, or how angry we are feeling.

 The Me Me Me's, Angry Me Paperback – 18 Aug 2015 by Annabelle Neilson (Author), Astro (Illustrator) £6.99 click to visit Amazon

The Me Me Me’s, Angry Me Paperback – 18 Aug 2015
by Annabelle Neilson (Author), Astro (Illustrator)
£6.99 click to visit Amazon

Children are sure to love this story, it is rhyming book which children always seem to respond to, and the illustrations by Astro are in graffiti style, making this a book that will also appeal to little boys who think they are too cool for books, as well as little girls. Children may well recognise and identify with Angry Me, and if this helps them to express emotions, this can only be a good thing.

Angry Me is the first in the series, with further characters tackling a range of emotions and feeling to follow. The book will be published next week (August 18th) by Fat Fox Books and is currently available for pre-order at Amazon.

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  1. huge congrats looks like a fantastic book Annabelle, deffo top seller for the little ones 😉 x

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