Another triumphant Return for Disney on Ice

The latest Disney on Ice show ‘100 years of magic’ landed in Birmingham on Wednesday night, and once more proved that when it comes to enchanting adults and children alike, Disney has no equal. With old favourites and new set pieces merging together in one wonderful ice show, the ice spectacle was the perfect start of half term fun.

‘100 years of magic’ takes a whole host of Disney’s famous creations, along with some of the most iconic scenes and songs from Disney movies, and blends them all together in a fabulous frothy cocktail of fun. From the moment Mickey, Minnie and friends burst onto the ice in a riot of colour, the action is fast and frenetic. The set pieces are shorter than in some previous shows, with many characters reduced to one scene, but this allows the show to celebrate a whole host of movies and characters, some of which I’ve not yet seen in Disney shows.


The opening scene is both magical and poignant. It features Aladdin and the genie, voiced by the much loved Robin Williams.  The scene caused the audience to gasp and burst into spontaneous applause, as ice skating genie after ice skating genie emerged onto the floor to perform (showgirl) high kicking style. It was a sparkling, hilarious opener to what proved to be a great show.


Aladdin sequence

This is the Disney show that thinks ‘big’. So we had a great white shark in the Nemo sketch, and a huge blue whale swallowing Pinocchio and Gepetto. Mulan was a gorgeous confection of red due to the presence of a stunning celebratory dragon, whilst the exquisite ‘It’s a Small World’ segment sparkled with hundreds of tiny lights bringing the Eiffel Tower to Birmingham.


Finding Nemo


It’s a small World


One segment that was new, and proved to be a fan favourite, was the one that introduced ‘The Incredibles’. My 11  year old niece loved this, as did my five year old – it proved to be funny and cool for all ages.

The Disney magic is most definitely intact, and this show is a must see for the October holidays. Disney on Ice – 100 years of magic is at The NIA, Birmingham until 2nd November.


For ticket information, click here.

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    • It does travel around the country – I think you can check the Disney site for dates, or there is a new show early next year.

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