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Attention! The New Rules On Modern Military Dressing

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There are a few fashion trends that never go out of style and amongst them is the most popular theme in women’s fashion. Military chic isn’t just super cool, uniform and streamlined but gives designers carte blanche to add zips, chains, brass buttons and fringe based epaulettes. Previously, loyal fashion foot soldiers have donned army jackets, structured khaki dresses and tightknit pants but thanks to a more off-duty approach to relaxed dressing military is ripping up the rulebook for a fresh utilitarian look.


Bright, White And Beautiful


In 2017, the fashion rules are being rewritten as dull greens, uniform trays and air force blues are being refreshed with off whites, fresh creams, and cappuccino tan shades. You’ll see a whole new range of lighter, breezier fabrics, however, die hard fans of camp will be relieved to hear that the traditional hue of a classic navy is still hugely popular. This year fashion and function have blended, creating structured pieces that all have a clean, contemporary look that still has a military vibe but also has an understated softness to it.

Thanks to new inspiration, young designers are leading the march towards starched collars, refined casual wear, structured skirts and, of course, buttoned trench coats. One of the hottest designers right now, Marni’s collections showed fabulously tailored safari jackets reminiscent of jungle missions as well as leather backpacks and bum bags plus cutout shapes and pockets.


Strong Structured Fabric


One of the cutest ways to wear military is to pair an olive green shirt, cream, wide leg pants and aviator glasses. It’s all about lightweight, spring worthy cotton and moving away from the idea of heavy duty army surplus denim, linen and fleece. This spring you’ll see boxy, square jackets and drawstring paper bag trousers in soft, yet crisp comfortable fabrics giving everyone, no matter your shape, a clean cut silhouette. One of the ways to include khaki in this lighter material is to think of it as a neutral, such as a taupe, beige or cream.


When it comes to accessories, keep things simple as you want to let the clothes do the talking. Classic jewelry such as diamonds will look gorgeous with a linen, white shift dress or if you’re looking to treat yourself to something new Diamond Registry has expert jewellers who’ll talk you through purchasing loose diamonds. Choose simple studs or drop earrings and pair them with an elegant gold tennis bracelet – ideal for a cocktail party!

Pexels Photo: Unsplash

Bold As Brass


While military embellishments are lovely be careful not to overdo it! If you’re wearing ankle, or knee high boots, then keep the rest of your outfit flowing because you don’t want to look like you’re competing in a gymkhana or worse like you’re wearing a costume. Zips, buttons and ties are lovely but avoid ones that are shiny, or too realistic as military chic only works when it’s obvious there’s a definite fashion element and it’s not emulating what armed forces personnel wear. I.e it’s cool to wear an army jacket with badges on but lose the peaked cap or any ‘authentic’ army issue dog tags.
Pexels Photo: Unsplash


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