Bathroom Upgrades on a Budget – The Complete Guide

The bathroom is your most personal space in the home. It offers you solitude and it is where you can relax without caring for anything. Maybe you are looking to give your bathroom a new look without creating a hole in the pocket.  You don’t need to look at changing the big items, it may simply be a case of changing things like your toothbrush holder and upgrading your toilet seat to a bidet seat.Glide through the blog to know how you can do that.

  1. Painting makes it impressive

Painting is the best way of revamping a bathroom when you are on a budget. If you have some DIY exposure, you can do it on the weekends.  Scrub the walls and apply a fresh coat of paint. Use your favorite color to spruce it up. Also, paint the ceiling.

  1. Change the Caulk and grout

Old and aging caulk and grout make a bathroom look grim. Clean them and replace with new grout. The caulk around the sink and bathtub are always vulnerable. Remove those and apply a fresh addition of caulk. Your bathroom will sparkle like anything in a cost-effective way.

  1. Mirrors can improve the bathroom

Mirrors are great to make a bathroom elegant. These make the bathroom bright by bouncing lights. It also creates an illusion of more space in the bathroom. Use a large mirror or you can use multiple mirrors for your bathroom décor. This will make the bathroom fabulous.

  1. Style up with lighting

Lighting can improve a bathroom a lot. Use LED lamps in decorative shades on each side of the mirror. If you have pendants in the bathroom, you may also repaint those for a new look.  Otherwise, get some shades from the local flea market and use those for ambient lighting.

  1. Improve the towel rack

Improving the towel rack is another inexpensive way of upgrading the bathroom. Though small, this can make a great impact on bathroom décor. Varieties of fancy hooks are available in the market. Pick anyone that suits you and fix them on the wall with a cute headboard.

  1. Change the shower curtain

Shower curtains can make a great impact on the bathroom décor. Available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and prints, they deliver an improved showering experience. Better go for a vinyl curtain for preventing mold growth. If fund permits, you can layer the curtains.

  1. A shower bench improves the bathroom

No matter if it is a simple bench or stool, a shower sitting uplifts the bathroom. Varieties of shower seats are available in the market.  Pick one that complements the overall décor. Better get a folding seat to save space. This will induce a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom.

  1. Change the mat

If your bathroom has a simple mat, change it to anti-slip mats. This will let you have a firm grip under the feet and prevent slips and falls. They are available in a plethora of designs and styles. Get one that aligns with other décor elements. This is ideal for people with mobility issues.

  1. Include live plants

Having a live plant in the bathroom can deliver a feeling like a spa. Aside from making the bathroom pleasant, it also cleans the air. As people have an innate feeling for nature, live plants create a relaxing vibe in the bathroom.

  1. Update the towels

Updating the towels is the most affordable way to upgrade a bathroom. When you have soft and plush towels, they make a strong statement. Turkish towels are the best for this. Better, embroider your initials on them. This will make the bathroom look luxurious.

  1. Thinking vertically makes it prettier and functional

Maybe you have a small bathroom. Never mind! Go vertical for your storage. In fact, building floating storages makes the bathroom more appealing. You can get them as simple shelves, intersecting squares or as the honeycomb pattern. Make them as large as need and paint.

  1. Infuse with fragrances

A scent filled bathroom can be highly impressive. Use aroma diffusers. Coming in attractive colors and shapes these also act as a nice décor element.  Generally, essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus are used. You may go for anything. Using scented candles also improves the bathroom.

  1. Replace or repaint old cabinets

If replacement of the old cabinets is not possible, paint them to freshen up the bathroom. Choose a color shade that matches with the wall paint. You will have a new look in the bathroom.

  1. Personalize with photos

Create a nice focal point by adorning the bathroom with a collage of family photos. This will evoke sweet memories and make the bathroom more pleasurable. You may also use scenery for upgrading the bathroom.

  1. Update with wall panels

The bathroom is a wet area which makes cladding the walls tricky. So, you must have something waterproof. The 3d decorative wall panels are great for this purpose. These are made from core materials like gypsum, acrylic, wood, stone, laminate, glass etc. These can also add to the décor and function of the bathroom.

The beauty of these textured wall panels is that they are available in a wide variety of designs and patterns. Their installation does not involve any demolition. No surface coating is also needed. You can mount these on the walls straightway. Thus, you save on cost and labor.

You can use translucent stone panels in the bathroom. They are the most delightful options to make a stunning impact. Available in a wide array of colors and designs, these can add a surreal appeal to your bathroom. Using the acrylic panels and glass panels is also a great idea for bathroom makeovers. They deliver a shiny and lustrous look in the bathroom.

These architectural wall panels do not pollute the environment. Other than improving the aesthetics, these hide wall flaws as well. These have LEED certification and are fire safe.

16. Upgrade your bathroom fixture

Upgrade your bathroom fixture with a water-saving macerating toilet in a bathroom that is too far from the main sewage line or has poor water pressure. They typically use less water, so they’re also pretty environmentally friendly. If you’re thinking about changing your old toilet, an upflush toilet is worth considering.


Everyone dreams to have an impressive bathroom. While using luxurious accessories can do that, it may not be possible for all. The ideas given above are affordable and can revive a tired bathroom without flushing down funds. You may try these for upgrading your bathroom on a budget.


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