BBXAccessorize Autumn Event

The latest Brum Bloggers fashion event took place in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago as, once more the bloggers of Birmingham made their way to the Aladdin’s cave of gorgeousness that is Accessorize.


Bloggers events at Accessorize are always great fun as they are a chance to browse all the newest collections, pit together looks for the new season, and even try before you buy (and it is very hard to resist buying with so much temptation and choice.) In addition, there is the opportunity to enjoy a catch up with fellow bloggers, to meet some new people, and generally wallow in fashion and accessories.

This Accessorize event was all about Autumn  and the new season themes, with animal print in particular a massive story once again for Autumn/Winter 2018/9. Winter florals were also apparent, along with earring stories of every kind, hoops proving to be very popular, a return to 1990s JLo style maybe.

Colourwise, browns, greens and mustard shades are looking good, with those animal prints now seeming to have become a neutral to mix and match into the wardrobe.

A special mention must be given to The Alchemist, who were on hand creating wonderful gin cocktails that looked almost too pretty to drink and certainly tied in nicely with the Earthy, botanical feel of the fashion.

A lovely evening then, one in which I added to my burgeoning Autumn wardrobe.