Beautiful images preserved on canvas by Canvas Design

In the modern, computer obsessed world we live in, it sometimes seems like photograph albums are becoming a thing of the past. We take pictures using digital cameras, and then store the results online, on our Facebook page, on Google+, on our hard-drives in services like Picassa. The days of boxes of much treasured photographs really seem like a thing of the past.

Despite this, we all have that one beautiful image that we cherish and want to display. This might be our wedding photograph, the first picture of our children, a special group shot of the family. A great way to display that much loved image is in the form of a canvas. Canvas Design is a company that provides both excellent product and service in this particular field.


Canvas Design is one of the UK’s leading canvas printing companies. Established in 2004, it has since seen its canvas products featured on both BBC and ITV, in programmes like ’60 minute makeover’. The company offers canvas printing of high quality that starts from as little as £7.99. When Canvas Design approached me to see if I was interested in seeing how good their printing and product was, I was happy to agree.

DSCN3606-002This was the image of my beautiful little boy that I chose to have transferred to canvas. I was interested to see how the bright colours would be translated onto canvas, and whether the image would become more pixelated when it was enlarged. I opted for the gallery wrap option, which means that the image goes over the edge of the canvas.


And here is the finished result. I was quite astounded by how well this has turned out. The image looks stunning, with bright, vibrant colours that are just so eye-catching. I was also impressed with the bespoke sizing – this is 18cm by 14cm which is perfect for the dimensions of this picture – no overstretched heads or distorted body. I am also really impressed with the quality and the thickness of the cotton canvas – Canvas Design promise that they use 380gsm pure cotton canvas  which is one of the heaviest in the market place, and you can really see that in the quality in which the canvas holds the print colours.

DSCN6046The frame is also impressive, using 38mm pine gallery bars. Hanging the frame is made easier with the inclusion of a picture hanging kit. I must also mention that the picture was well protected during delivery by double wrap and corrugated card that kept the picture safe and in perfect condition.


With prices that start from just £7.99, delivery within 48 hours of order on most orders, and with the opportunity to chose bespoke sizing, or to transform your colour image into sepia, I think this is both a wonderful gift for a loved one, or the perfect way to preserve a treasured memory.

To find out more about Canvas Design, and the cost for different size frames, click here.

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17 thoughts on “Beautiful images preserved on canvas by Canvas Design

    • I was impressed too Colette, it really is lovely and is now hanging proudly in my living room.x Love #TriedTested – discovering some fab new blogs and products.

  1. I was interested to see this as I’ve been offered a few canvas reviews lately. They can be so hit and miss can’t they. I’m glad to see they did a good job, especially the wrap.

    • I have never attempted to turn an image into a canvas so wasn’t sure what to expect. But I must say I was super impressed and would highly recommend.

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