Being Safe On The Roads This Winter

Winter can mean some of the most treacherous driving conditions that drivers ever have to face and this Winter is certainly falling to plan. Sub Zero temperatures and  snow have made driving hazardous with black ice on the roads at night, poor visibility caused by fog and then sludge on the roads causing driving to be a real challenge. Snow is definitely something best enjoyed watching from a window with a mug of hot chocolate but many still have to venture out for work even during the current lockdown, and this is particularly true of those who work as key workers and for the emergency services and becomes even more hazardous if you have to travel at night.

With Winter now just around the corner, the one thing that can be guaranteed, unfortunately, is that there will be more accidents on the roads. Sleet, ice, snow and wind and fog all make conditions difficult, and call for extra care on behalf of drivers.Before Winter is upon us, now is the time to make sure that your vehicle is Winter ready. It is not worth leaving anything to chance when it comes to your car.

  • If you are involved in any sort of accident, make sure you have a good and reputable personal injury lawyer. This is particularly true if you receive injuries that may mean you miss time from work, or if your car is damaged in such a way that it may need to be written off, or need excessive amounts of repairs.
  • Extend your Warranty. It is a true fact that any underlying mechanical issues in your vehicle can escalate as temperatures plummet. This makes extending your warranty on your car a good idea. You need to check with your dealership, but many makers do offer this, for instance Audi offers an extended Audi warranty on their cars.
  • Get your car checked over.  Some brands, like Volkswagen, offer this for free. This includes checking the lights, wiper blades, brakes, battery condition and windscreen washers, all of which can suffer in the winter cold and render you stranded. You can check out garages and your own dealership to see if they are offering their own checks and tests.
  • Check those tyres too. The legal tread limit is less effective at removing water, so you may need to change your tyres before you actually reach the legal limit. If you need to replace your tyres, you can buy tyres online with just a few clicks
  • Leave a bigger gap between your car and the one in front, your stopping distance will increase in poor weather conditions.
  • When it does snow – re-route. Avoid country lanes, roads that haven’t been gritted, roads that are little used if at all possible. Your journey may take longer, but it will be safer.


When you are making journeys to work be prepared. Have drinks, mobile phone charger, a torch, blankets and food, just in case you hit a traffic jam or have any other problems like a breakdown or even in the event that your car gets stuck.


Be safe this year rather than sorry.

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