Using Professional Cleaning Services to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

With most of the Christmas Celebrations behind us, many people are already beginning the task of taking down the tree and getting the house back to some state of normality. Even if you leave your decorations up until Epiphany on January 6th (as I always do), you are probably beginning to get a little bit fed up of them now. But when those decorations do eventually come down, you often find that all that glitter and tinsel has been hiding an awful lot of dust and dirt that has accumulated over the festive period, and that is without taking into account the needles from the tree, the glitter that seems to be everywhere, the tiny bits of paper and sellotape you missed that have now disappeared under the sofa. Let’s be honest, there will never be a time when your home was more in need of a professional clean.

Why Try A Cleaning Service?

OK, so you can grab the hoover, or a mop and bucket, and also grab a duster as you go along, but you will never be able to get the end results that you can get by using a cleaning company like Anyclean London. There are just areas of your home that can really do with the professional touch. I’m thinking items like carpets. Carpets accumulate so much ground in dirt and debris, particularly if you have young children who are constantly dropping food on the floor. Even when they get a little bit older, they can still create problems. My son plays football and thinks nothing of walking up to his bedroom in his muddy football boots. Muddy boots and a cream carpet is an accident waiting to happen. Even with the best carpet cleaner, the stains often remain, so a professional clean could get your carpet looking like new in time for Spring. The same is true for sofas and other forms of upholstery.

Another thing worth pointing out is that if you have had a household of dreaded illness this Winter, particularly the dreaded Norovirus, then a really good deep clean could be a way of ensuring that the virus and its germs really have gone.  If you are in Littleton, CO and need cleaning service, the BlueSpring Cleaning can help.

Have A Sort Out.

Whilst you are putting away the decorations for another year, this is the perfect time to have a bit of a sort before you start your Spring Clean. Clearing out the clutter can actually make your rooms look bigger and can help you to update your look. Remember that less is often more, so try not to cram too many things into too small a space. Instead choose a few stylish pieces that compliment your furniture to make your chosen look cohesive.

Take the unwanted items to a Charity shop. In January they are often inundated with donations of toys, but bric a bric can be in lesser supply, so good quality decorative and household items will be appreciated.

Look At Your Storage.

Often mess looks worse due to insufficient storage. You don’t have to throw away all your precious memories like photos and tickets, certificates etc, but you do need to put them away to ensure you are not living in the equivalent of a tip. Stylish storage solutions are a godsend if you border on being a hoarder (totally guilty!). Whether it be under the bed boxes or drawers, a stylish filing system for documents and bills, or vintage style trunks that will work well in the bedroom, there has to be a way to solve the issue of too much stuff!

Get The Kids Involved!

Cleaning, tidying and sorting your home is not the job of just one person, you really need to get the whole family involved. With your children probably being inundated with presents over the Christmas period there is no better time to get them to part with some of their older toys. If they are in good condition they could be donated to a Charity Shop, or a local playgroup or church group. Broken toys need to be taken to the local Council run tip where there is a chance that they could be recycled, or safely disposed of. Once all the clutter is gone, you can then look at employing a team like Cleandy Professional cleaning London to get your home spick and span.

Your home may look a little bare after the beautiful glitter of Christmas has gone, but it can soon start to look like a gleaming palace again.



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