How To Sell And Market Your B2B Business

Setting up and marketing a new business is never an easy task, but is even more difficult when the world is in the middle of a global pandemic. Marketing your business, finding clients willing to pay for your products or services and then organically allowing your business to continue to grow all take time, money and lots of hard work. At the moment, many traditional roots of growth are ruled out, and this makes those initial processes difficult, if not impossible, and this is also certainly true for B2B (business to business services) and this is why you may need to look at the possibility of learning how to sell on Google Cloud Marketplace.

What is B2B?

B2B businesses are those that sell products and services that are aimed at other businesses. This could be something like office furniture that the average consumer would not be interested in, or a form of software or programming apps that would be useful to a fellow business or industry, but not to the average person on the street. In these situations, you could sell from your own website and market accordingly, but finding your target audience could be a long process, as potential clients have to wade through numerous listings, and it may take your business a while to rise to the top of search engine (particularly Google) rankings. This may be something that you just don’t have the time to wait for. If this is the case, then using a cloud marketplace could well be the answer.

Why a Cloud Marketplace? has estimated that in 2021, 25% of all B2B sales will be made through cloud marketplaces, making it one of the fastest growing routes for selling and marketing your products/services.

It makes perfect sense as a new start up of a B2B company to use a cloud marketplace like the google cloud marketplace in order to get your product out there. People viewing the marketplace are your customers, they are other B2B customers who are looking for specific products or services for their business and so are potential customers for you. They are also looking to find all the products and services they need in one place – whether they need paper supplies, printers, accountancy services, filing software – it is easier and better if all these services can be found at the same time, in the same place.

This also works well when it comes to billing. If you are finding all the B2B services you need through a cloud marketplace, this can cut out all the numerous bills you would receive for those services, and instead could lead to a single payment through the cloud itself – much easier to both track and manage. explains this further, saying:-

You can source multiple software products on a single bill, so you’re not remitting payment to all those different providers. It lightens the load on vendor management, procurement, sourcing…and, in some cases, legal as well. This has been another key driver of software purchases going through these Marketplaces.

in our current situation, using a cloud marketplace for a start up business really is a no brainer, and with estimates that this is now a $250bn market that is ever expanding, it would be sensible to use this for your business needs.

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