Best Non-Invasive Fat Removal 2021

Even 10 years back, liposuction surgery was the only way to get rid of stubborn fat. Before that, you had to exercise and eat a restricted diet to lose those extra pounds. But over the last decade, innovations in fat reduction technologies have given us many non-invasive alternatives.

Non-invasive treatments for body fat removal work in different ways. Some treatments expose the fat cells to controlled cooling to damage them, while others expose them to heat. Radiofrequency and ultrasonography are also used for fat reduction. The result will vary for each procedure. It also depends on the patients and their current condition.

What is the best non-invasive fat removal technique for 2021? Let us review the top techniques to find out.

  • Fat Freezing

What is fat freezing? Also called, coolsculpting, this is a non-surgical procedure to get rid of stubborn body fat that would not go away despite your best efforts. It is also referred to as cryolipolysis or cold body sculpting. In this cool fat removal method, a plastic surgeon breaks down the fat cells just below your skin  

How does fat freezing work? A device with two paddles will be held on the targeted body part. When turned on, the device works like a suction cup and starts freezing your fatty cells. The paddles will be kept on your body for anything between 30 minutes to an hour. As your cells freeze, they will go through the apoptosis process, where the cells will die. They will eventually be removed through your lymphatic system.


Coolsculpting fat removal is completely safe. There is nothing to worry about the cells dying. The human body loses cells all the time. New, fresh cells replace them.

Through this technique, you can shed the stubborn fat from your belly, thighs, the sides and back, upper arm, below your butt, from your chin, and along the bra line. How much does freezing your fat cost? It will cost around $1,400.

  • Laser Fat Removal

Laser fat removal or laser lipo takes the opposite approach. While coolsculpting freezes the fat cells, here, heat will be used to kill them. 

How does laser fat removal work? In this laser treatment, a physician will use laser energy to liquefy the fat in the target area. The fat will then be removed through a thin tube or cannula. It is also called laser lipolysis.


According to this clinic in Toronto, Canada, located at 249 Queens Quay West #113 Toronto, ON M5J 2N5, this is a better method than traditional liposuction because only local anesthesia is needed. There are other advantages as well. It is minimally invasive. It takes about an hour maximum. This weight loss procedure can help you remove the fat deposits from your abdomen, thighs, flanks, and back. It is FDA approved.

How much does laser fat removal cost? The average cost is around $5,400.

  • Radiofrequency Treatments

Radiofrequency treatments for fat removal are also called Vanquish therapy. How does vanquish work? It works by sending radiofrequency to destroy the fat cells. The application of heat will melt away the fatty cells. The temperature will be raised to about 45°C. This will rupture the cells and kill them. There is nothing to worry about as your body will repair naturally. The fat dead cells will be removed naturally.

This therapy can target larger body areas than many other non-invasive fat reduction techniques. It is also approved by the FDA.

It will take anything between half an hour to an hour. However, you may need two to three sessions for each area. How much does radiofrequency fat removal cost? The per treatment cost will be around $2,000. There are no side effects. However, some patients report mild tenderness.

  • Ultrasound Fat Reduction

Ultrasound fat reduction or UltraShape is an effective treatment for fatty cell reduction and body contouring. It is most effective for the flanks and the fatty abdominal cells.

How does UltraShape work? In this procedure, the doctor will first mark the treatment area. A gel will then be applied to your skin. The ultrasound machine will then pass energy to liquefy the fatty tissue. A thin cannula is then used for removing the fat. This ultrasound technique is not as aggressive as liposuction because the fat is removed smoothly.

This is a non-invasive procedure where no anesthesia is needed. Clinical trials have proved that UltraShape can reduce fat thickness by more than 31 percent. It is completely safe and has been approved by the FDA in 2014. You will just have a little warming sensation. 

How much does UltraShape cost? The cost varies between $1,000 and $4,500 depending on the number of treatments required and the location.

  • Red Light Therapy

What is red light therapy? It is also called LLLT or low-level laser therapy. It is an emerging non-invasive treatment for removing fat from the body.

What does red light therapy do? The doctor will hold a device, which will pass cold laser energy to your body tissues. The device will not actually touch your body. The energy will break down your fat cells and kill them. The dead cells are eventually removed from your body naturally. 

There is virtually no side effect of this treatment. The process is also painless. It works best for people with some problem areas but is not significantly overweight. It also works as a cellulite remover. Each session will be for around 30 minutes. You may need up to six treatments. How much does it cost? The cost for all six treatments is around $1,500.

  • Electromagnetic Energy

Electromagnetic energy can also be used for weight loss and body contouring. The technology is referred to as EMSCULPT.

How does electromagnetic energy for fat removal work? A device is attached to the target area. It will then stimulate your muscles to flex, which is referred to as supramaximal contraction. It will be as if you are performing a crunch or squat. The movements will be repeated thousands of times in a session that can last up to half an hour. This action metabolizes the fat in the area.

This smart procedure gives very good results. You can achieve a fat loss of around 15%. You will also see muscle growth in the area. What is the EMSCULPT cost? The average cost is around $3,100.

What is the best way for you to remove excess fat? It is always best to consult and doctor and seek an expert opinion. Schedule an appointment to find out what minimally invasive method will work best for you.


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