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Brilliant Billionaire Boy Is A Real Treat

Billionaire Boy is one of the most beloved stories from the legend that is David Walliams. The story of the super rich but unhappy 12 year old Joe Spud and his quest to be a normal boy with at least one true friend is almost a modern day morality tale and a rags to riches story in reserve. The fabulous stage musical opened at The Wolverhampton Grand Theatre last night and delighted an audience of parents and children.

Joe Spud is rich, a billionaire boy in fact. He has everything a child could want, everything that is, except the attention of his dad and a true friend who likes him for being him, rather than for his money. When Joe’s dad allows him to go to the local comprehensive Joe meets Bob, another chubby boy who is also looking for a friend. But the billionaire boy finds it hard to not use his money to pay his way out of situations, and when Dad does the same, he finds it is hard to really know who your friend is. And then there is the problem with dad’s latest ‘bumfresh’ product, which may just be the end of his empire.

The talented cast of billionaire boy play numerous roles in the story, and keep it going along at a fast pace, often with hilarious interludes. Joe and Bob. as played by Matthew Gordon, in a triumphant return to his home town,  and Jake Lomas are exactly how you would imagine them from the book, and their warm, lovely, true friendship is portrayed so well. Also deserving of mentions are Matthew Mellalieu who plays Dad complete with a range of wigs, as well as one of the Grub ‘twins’ and Rosie Coles as the hilarious gold digging Sapphire and Grub twin 2. Both are just super in their roles, really sending up the relationship between Dad and the money grabbing Sapphire.

Billionaire Boy Live on Stage written by David Walliams at Birmingham Stage Company
Photo by Mark Douet

Matthew Chase is effortlessly cool as Jayden, a change from the Jade of the book, but a change that actually works better in my opinion, whilst Emma Matthews is also lovely as dinner lady Mrs Trafe, especially after her boob job. My favourite character of all though is Raj, as played by Tuhin Chisti. His scale of purpleness, which includes Purple Rain, is just hilarious.

The songs that have been added to the story are perfect, and keep it moving along nicely, as it moves to the satisfying ending.

This is high quality family entertainment that lovers of David Walliams will adore.

Billionaire Boy

Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

02 Jun–05 Jun 2022

Click here for ticket information

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