Busting Some of The Myths About E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes have been around for some time now, and they are gaining much fanfare. Ideally, e-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that are filled up with an e-liquid or e-juice. The liquid is then heated to produce vapor, which is inhaled.

Extra Information about E-Cigarettes

Unlike with traditional cigarettes, vapers have a hand in what they inhale. For instance, you can choose whether you want nicotine or not in your e-juice. Additionally, the e-juices come in different varieties, ranging from strawberry to the soothing mint flavor.

Another interesting fact is that, with e-cigs,there is no tar involved, which is pretty common in standard cigarettes.

However, there are still a few myths in the world of vaping. Read along as we take on busting some of these myths.

E-Cigs Are Harmless

Well, one of the myths is that e-cigs are less harmful than cigarettes. Thishas made many traditional smokers and non-smokers alike jump ship and join the vaping bandwagon. However,what most people forget is that less harmful doesn’t mean 100% safe.

According to research, some e-liquids or e-juices do contain harmful elements in the form of flavoring. These elements can have severe effects on your lungs and mouth tissue when inhaled.

E-Cigs Are Made for Smokers

This myth has been doing the rounds for quite a while. However, the truth of the matter is that e-cigs are meant to be used by all kinds of people. Statistics show that non-smokers form a significant number of vapers.

Nowadays, vaping has become quite a lifestyle that even teens are getting into. Also, people who are taking medicinal marijuana are advised to vape it rather than smoke it. If you’re looking to get into vaping, check out epuffer.com. You’ll find a host of vaping products from e-juices to e-cigs. You can also shop for spare parts and batteries for your vaping devices.

It Will Help You Quit the Stick

Statistics show that a significant percentage of people who vape nowadays were smokers before. Additionally, reports show that a considerable number of vapers took it up in the hopes of quitting smoking.

However, research on whether e-cigs can help you quit smoking are still inconclusive.

Smoke Is Bad For You, But Nicotine Is Not.

Many people believe that traditional smoking is a harmful vice because of the smoke. In as much as that is true, even nicotine, which is contained in both e-juices and conventional cigarettes, is dangerous to your health.

According to science, nicotine is hazardous and can harm your brain’s development. Additionally, it can also affect a fetus’ development in pregnant women.

Passive Vapor Is Harmless

Passive vapor refers to the gas that blows away in between the vaping session. As with cigarettes, passive smokers are always at a higher risk of inhaling many dangerous toxins since the smoke itself isn’t filtered.

Similarly, the side stream vapor does contain nicotine and other elements from flavoring agents which could be harmful to bystanders.