Buying A Gift For Girls Who Love Fashion

If you know a little girl or pre-teen who is developing a passion for fashion, then you might be struggling to come up with some gift ideas that aren’t clothes. Luckily, there are lots of toys out there that are perfect for youngsters who love dressing up and looking at the latest clothing trends. Wicked Uncle has a great selection of gifts especially for girls who are coming up to their twelfth birthday, so make sure you check out their stock if you’re feeling stumped for ideas. But for those fashion-specific ideas, keep on reading:

Jewellery-making kits

The next best thing to clothes for a fashion-loving girl is having the chance to make her own accessories. Lots of girls make friendship bracelets for each other, so think about buying a jewellery-making kit that’s filled with beads, colourful string, and sequins. Some kits are more advanced than others, so think carefully about whether the girl you know has the skills to use the tools provided in the box. If you know the girl in question has made jewellery before, then consider buying a kit that contains pliers and wire for more advanced creations.

Dress-up dolls

Most girls of all ages love dress up dolls, but think carefully about the type of doll you buy for a girl who loves fashion. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a brand that emphasizes clothing and offers the option to purchase stylish clothes separately from the doll. This way, girls can mix and match outfits and really experiment. You never know, it might even help them to find their own personal style.

Sewing starter set

Some girls who love fashion also have an interest in making clothes, so why not set them off on the right path with a sewing set? There are all kinds of starter gifts available, from kits that allow you to make felt animals to cross stitch instruction booklets. Shop around and see if you can find a set that shows girls how they can get started on designing clothes and putting together a simple T-shirt or skirt.


If sewing is a bit too adventurous, then a classic way for youngsters to customize their clothes is with a tie-dye kit. It’s really easy to get started with different colors and all they’ll need is an old white T-shirt. As this will be a gift, you could include multiple white T-shirts with the dye kit so they can try to perfect their technique a few times. This really is a great gift for the summer months and it may even encourage them to invite their friends over so they can all have matching outfits.

Temporary tattoos

Because real tattoos are forbidden to children, temporary tattoos can bring both girls and boys a lot of joy. Girls who love fashion will get a thrill from having a range of tattoos to experiment with and pair with their favorite dresses and shoes. They’re easy to find, inexpensive, and make a great additional gift if you’ve already purchased a main present.

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